As Czar Homeless, I Pledge

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In compliance with Los Angeles City Attorney, the Hon. Mike Feuer, calls upon the Hon. LA Mayor, Eric Garcetti to appoint and commission a Czar Homeless, i.e., Special Mayoral Envoy (SME)

According to the Preamble citizens “oath of office”, working directly under the jurisdiction of the Hon. LA Mayor, Eric Garcetti, and his designated staff, as LA Czar Homeless (LACH), i.e., Special Mayoral Envoy (SME), I pledge to immediately implement the following innovative measures and actions strategies:  See Mike Feuer Qualification Principles for which I greatly qualify

First, Hire staff and set up office of operations;

Second, Reveal New Frontier II: Operation Humanity (NF2:OH) Theme National Master Plan and Strategy

Third, Utilize the 1999 JSAP document as a guiding-light blue print: The expert, prophetic opinion of California top level law enforcement officials

Fourth, Network all LA grass root, community-based neighborhoods of the Fifteen (150 Council Districts, including their Neighborhood Councils into a functional body politic, or alliance under the leadership of the Hon. Mayor, Eric Garcetti, the America’s national mayor of homelessness resolving.

Fourth, Make immediate contact with White House Inter Agency Council On Homelessness, that the President of the United States (POTUS), Union republic may now effectively activate.

Fifth, Putting the POTUS on notice, regardless of political partisanship, to support by Presidential Executive Order(s), the Los Angeles model to humanely eradicate chronic, sidewalk, encampment homelessness.

The Important Significance of Czar Homeless
Los Angeles (city-county) is the national capital of homelessness and that of homeless, US Military Veterans, worthy of immediate, EMERGENCY Crisis-driven, direct and personal, Presidential intervention on two accounts:

1.  It has the highest numbers of homeless persons than of any other region within the United States of America, and it’s territories,

2.  It receives indigent persons from other governmental jurisdictions, i.e., municipalities, counties, states around the nation and even foreign countries.

Therefore, it only reasonable that a national leadership having an ultimate objective, plan and strategy emanates out of Los Angeles.To this date, though needing improvements, Ted Hayes is only activist that has devised a comprehensive national homeless plan in the country whose time has come to be implemented.

Given the Mike Feuer Qualification Principles for Czar Homeless, Ted is the logical qualifier for such position.