We the People Authority: MIND REVOLUTION

The reasons that society, particularly our neighborhoods are suffering degradation, supposedly being due to in perceived ineptitude of our government SERVANTS, is because We the People view them as nobility bosses, while seeing ourselves as their loyal subjects.

As long as this mentality is not changed, that is revolution of the mind in this matter, the injustices of homelessness, etc., will be maintained and increased in its destruction.

The Declaration of Independence, the actual first law of the United States Union Republic of America, the nation birthing ideals of which its’ national Constitution empowers We the People to manage, oversee the public servants so designated by its mandates of a Preamble followed by 12 Articles and 27 Amendments.

Revolution of the Mind
The reasons that society, particularly our neighborhoods are suffering degradation is due to the misguided perceptions about the obvious ineptitude of our government SERVANTS.

This in turn is because We the People view them as bosses over us, being paid by our tax dollars, while viewing ourselves as their loyal subjects.

As We the People begin t undergo a revolution of mind that overturns this long as this mentality of government SERVANTS being our masters, the injustices of homelessness, etc., that we have so eloquently decried will begin to immediately subside thereby increasing the development and deployment of solutions.

Government SERVANTS Serves We the People
The Declaration of Independence, the actual first law of the United States Union Republic of America (USUR) instructs us in the nation-birthing ideals of which its’ national Constitution enforces We the People to manage, that is, oversee-boss the public SERVANTS (elected and/or appointed, especially those who take Oaths of Office) so designated by the mandates of its Preamble, followed by 12 Articles and 27 Amendments.

It’s only by these laws that We the People govern our communities, neighborhoods, and country through the “portals” of our government SERVANTS.

Demonstrating the absolute importance to governing of our New nation on this North American continent, described by President, Abraham Lincoln, as that of being “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”, the third (3rd) sentence of the Declaration emphatically states that the government/our SERVANTS govern by our consent.

“That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

The Preamble of the Constitution
This statement is affirmed and enforced by the Preamble whereby We the People are given the ultimate responsibility as to how government is to serve our society by it solemnly ordering them/us “to form a more perfect Union…”

The Preamble orders and authorizes the exceptional collective body politic of USUR citizens to take full charge of their government (“We have given you a republic, if you can keep it”), and not the politicians, or so called government officials, whom are our SERVANTS, but rather, us.  Without such collective unification, this “Republican Form of Government” (Article 4, Sec.4 Const.) can’t function according to its mandates.

Hence, this reality makes us their collective boss, even nobility, and not their worshipful subjects, but rather the former is the case.

In defiance of King George III’s opposition, which  represents all monarchical rule, to the founding fathers’ established by Constitutional law this aberrational, experimental, “republican form of government” gamble.

Therefore accordingly, any complaints about governmental failures is the actually an indictment of our own neglect and dysfunction as the designated body politic, to exercise our Constitutional oversight duties of the government, preventing any and all abuses by our selecting and supervising our public SERVANTS.

Our incessant complaining about what is obviously wrong in society, i.e., our neighborhoods, etc., without offering practical solutions that we order our public SERVANTS to comply with, only adds to their power corruption, and thereby said matters become increasing worse while we pay for it.

If the servants are idiots, etc., then what does that make us, We the People?

Should an employer hire an employee, but refuses to supervise that person, when business is management, causing to it loose revenue, etc., while there may be justifiable firing, the real cause of the loss is the boss who did the hiring, not the hired.

As well as being anti-Constitution, its absolute insane folly to expect that government SERVANTS will empathize with us to resolve our concerns locally where they don’t reside, assuming that they are hyper-intelligent and wise in everything relating to societal issues.

The New Order of the Ages
According the founding fathers wishes for an Ordu Nordu Seclurum – “New Order of the Ages” nation, it’s the responsibility of the local residents to identity, diagnose the social concerns, then provide practical solutions and present it to their public SERVANTS to implement it…having the caveat that upon rebellion of the order, they will either be voted out of office, recalled, or even citizens arrested and for criminal behavior.   See GOD In The Declaration of Independence”

Note: Public SERVANTS violation of their Oath of Office is a felony

Since our countries birth days from 1776 to 1778-9 the ratification of the Constitution, We the People have never fully exercised our authority over the SERVANTS, other than allowing ourselves to be entrapped in the “whirlwind” of the 2, 4, 6 years voting cycle, whereby they keep us in election frenzy.

The Founding Fathers vs. King George III
The element by which We the People are to execute our wills, is based on our coalescing into unified, efficiently functioning body politic, of which the King George III argues such action is impossible with masses of the people whom are more willing to follow the dictates of a “strong man” who forces them into unity, even to conduct warfare.  See “Unity Action Plan (UAP)

Knowing the historical nature of human beings whose civilizations have been overwhelmingly monarchical, including tribes and clans by choice, King George III argues is the more logical approach to governing, and not the other way as proposed by the  risk-taking “rebellious” founders.

The founders were not just challenging English rule but all governing of such, but according to the Declaration, they placed their hopes on its Central Figure, that being the GOD of Nature, et al., believing the one day, the divine miracle “government of, by and for the people” will occur.

While the tools for making such a unifying bid is more likely today than when this ideal was first presented, or at any other time in the new republics past, given the divisive squabbling within, it presently appears that King George III just might be vindicated, whereby the risky American Dream experiment is near  to be proven a failure, even becoming nightmarish.

Remember, it’s “We the People”

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