Think Big and Dream Bigger

We choose to go to the Moon and do the other things…”

The New Frontier II: Operation Humanity (NF2:OH), “the Big Idea”, is a collaborative of volunteers transcending the barriers of political, religious, ethnic, skin color, class, economic and social strata, thereby embracing everyone who advocates to government (federal, state, county, municipality) as well as international bodies such as the United Nations, the Hague, and various non-government organizations (NGO) such as Human Rights Watch groups, for civilian as well as US Military Veterans whom are GOD’s children entrapped in hard core, chronic, street-sidewalk homelessness.

After over 3 decades of billions of public and private dollars spent on a plethora of plans launched by government “Blue Ribbon”-type commissions of various themes to address it throughout effected areas of the nation, particularly in Los Angeles, considered the national capital, of homelessness, has dramatically increased numerically, and become far more complex.

This is particularly poignant in that of chronic, hard-core, street-sidewalk dwelling in tents and other makeshift structures, throughout city and county, but primarily in the downtown LA.

Therefore, recognizing that traditional efforts have been unable to return citizens to the “mainstream”, but is rather holding them in degrading, dehumanizing conditions on city sidewalks that society won’t allow for domesticated animals, the NF2:OH is calling upon the President of the United States of America to “Let My People Go” that is, fully endorse our Big-IDEA whose time has clearly come

This Big-IDEA, is just that, a Big Idea, based on the Justiceville model entitled, the EGIIP (Exodus Genesis Incentive Initiative Plan), which calls for the systematic, decentralization of mixed (homeless and non-homeless) populations from urban centers into planned-engineered, government chartered, industrial manufacturing, and 21st century, technologically endowed townships.

The fact that NH2: OH is not a time lined, budgetary and programmatic plan is the very reason that direct Presidential participation is imperative.

This “Big Idea” doesn’t require any tax dollars, but rather Presidential cooperation to help rapidly procure and secure the following resources: beginning with persons of qualified, executive-management skills to plan, administrate and engineer all facets of the NFII:OH, including procuring such items as 21st century and beyond technologies with accompanying personnel, the  the creation and development of the chartered townships, business investments, property acquisition, legislation where needed; etc., that such in depth, detailed plans may be legally and properly implemented.

Therefore, inspired by the “Big Ideas and Bigger Dreams” challenge of President Trump, We the People are truly expecting the POTUS to fully emulate his greatest mentor, Abraham Lincoln, by courageously executing moral duties to successfully lead us in eradicating hard core, chronic, street-sidewalk homelessness, etc.

“We the People of the United States, Union republic, choose the end homelessness, not because it’s easy, but because it is hard, legal and morally righteous” Ted Hayes

“With GOD, All Things Are Possible”
The Holy Bible