Black Citizens Homelessness – Demographics

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While homelessness demographics in the USA, Union republic strikes citizens of every ethno-racial identity, those whom are of black, i.e., Negroid African (terms by white European Caucasian-whites), chattel slavery and Jim Crow heritage are overwhelming disproportionately represented, therefore, the most damaged by it.

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1. These statistics in the national capital of homelessness reflects that which is nationwide, particularly in urban and suburban centers, that being, black citizens are circa 12% of general population, yet, over 60% of homeless.

2.  US black citizens are 9 % of LA city proper and 8% of the county general populations, yet respectively in each, are over 40% of homeless.

3. In Central City East, dubbed, “Skid Row”, the “ground 0 epicenter and black hole vortex” of homelessness, 90% of the US citizens dwelling in inhumane subsistence on sidewalks, are black men, then black women, and their children, followed an ethno-racial mix of others.