Dome Village Clause: Bridge Shelters – Dome Village Not Same

The Great Differences

     Open Room, Bridge Shelter-Housing                     DV Individual Closed Room Shelter

In light of the so called, Novel, Chinese Wuhan Corona CVID-19 Virus that is panicking the world, particularly the United States of America, Union Republic, the Mayor of Los Angeles, the Hon. Eric Garcetti is sending homeless persons to open room, community centers and shelters as well as continuing to operate his Bridge Shelter-Housing homelessness facilities in order to protect them from it.

In order to clarify, my friend the mayor, professes that the latter, that is, the Bridge Shelter-Housing is essentially modeled after the Justiceville Dome Village former located in downtown Los Angeles, west off the 110 Freeway south between 8th and 9th Streets from November 1993-November 2007.

While it is true that certain elements of Dome Village are contained in BSH, the primary components are way lacking such as:

  1. the Domestic Peace Corps which gives the necessary life energy to the program, without which it could not have, nor will any such effort survive and progress.  See “The Domestic Peace Corps” @
  2. For obvious reasons, the Village provided individual space, which is the purpose of the domes, as would be for any other shelter-housing facility, whereas Mr. Garcetti BSH are huge open room facilities.  Even Justiceville, the original encampment was based on the natural occurrence of homeless persons creating their own individual spaces of makeshift shelters such a “cardboard condos” which lined the sidewalks of Skid Row with the appearances of brown paper coffins, plastic lean-to, etc.
  3. While initially, the Village was very liberal in its living policies, experience demonstrated that such is not practicable and they were modified to be more stringent, having the philosophy that freedom must be earned and not given.
  4. All residents were required to responsibly participate in the various programs and seek employment and/or entrepreneurship, etc.  Of course, had the mayor sought my advice, he would have had a successful project and as the Dome Village as a mere, though highly significant first step, is connected with the Justiceville Strategic National Policy and Plan, being the EGIIP.  See The Exodus Genesis Incentive Initiative Plan @ 

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