Czar Homeless: My Proposal To You

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Greetings everyone, Shalom!
As the mayoral appointee to Los Angeles Czar Homeless, i.e., Special Mayoral Envoy (SME), I will be empowered and more able to help you to do your civic part in assisting the Hon. Mayor, Eric Garcetti to fulfill his much needed by all concerned, his promises to eradicate chronic, sidewalk, beach front, public parks, etc., encampment and individual homelessness.

While the ever growing awareness of the “homelessness problem”that has being increasingly plaguing the city for the last three (3) decades, now in places where it never was before; and the passage of Measures HHH of the LA City, and H of LA County proof that We the People desire that something humane be done about it, its not so good when viable alternatives are not presented to governmental to such governmental jurisdictions which clearly haven’t been able to arrest its growth and resolve it.

As I understand the United States Declaration of Independence and Constitution, as We the Peoples, that is, civilian citizens are charged in its Preamble “to more perfect the Union”, and not the politicians nor government officials.

Our Preamble authority is based in the Declaration of Independence.

Therefore, as all other self evident truths, including the certain unalienable rights, which among these are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (originally property); and the securing of these rights, the governments (officials, elected and appointed) are charged to obey the expressed will of its citizenry.

The Declaration states, that government official “derive their just powers from the consent of the governed”, that is, us, We the People whom are their rulers and bosses et, al.

Please see attached Declaration of Independence short abbreviated version and long unedited.

However, it there is not “expressed will” of We the People, then the government officials, our servants are free to run-amuck, play fast and loose with the powers granted them, being unsupervised.

Hence, it is not responsibility of government officials, particularly not the police to devise and implement solutions to community and neighborhood problems, threats, crisis, but rather, We the People residents thereof, as it personally affects us, and not the government officials, et al.

It’s generally not within them to solve problems such as sidewalk, encampment homelessness, but rather us, We the People are to devise those solutions, as such is in our neighborhoods, etc., and them present them to our “servants”, i.e., employees, demanding and expecting them comply with our expressed wishes.

However, as long as We the People choose to not provide answers, that is, orders and explicit instructions, the human nature of the servant will do whatever they and their appointed staffs, lobbyist, et al, deem is good for us, which generally is not, as in the years of the many and various cases that have failed.

You see, while government officials won’t say it to our faces, they correctly reason, that if We the People, our bosses don’t care enough to present reasonable solutions, then “why should we?”

As the most experienced activist in the USA, Los Angeles for sure, I propose that you commission me to assist you in presenting a plan and strategy that I have over the decades devised and developed which will more than adequately resolve your and the whole city and county homelessness, EMERGENCY Crisis.

While its impossible to share the details here or by email, I propose to you the following:

  1. Choose me, Theodore “Ted” Hayes, as Los Angeles Czar Homeless, i.e., Special Mayoral Envoy (SME).
    For instructions please see Choose Ted Hayes For Czar Homeless at

Also, see Czar Homeless Index at

  1. Provide a venue whereby I may be able to share with you the pertinent information that will greatly empower your efforts for justice within your own communities-neighborhoods, by which you may joyfully seek life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  2. Also, I am willing to conduct a regular or weekly phone conference with anyone who is interested in proactive resolutions to our situation.

To your advantage, as each of you are very busy in daily upkeep and quest for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (originally, “property”), being that I have the time, whereas you don’t, I’m able to put maximum energy into preparing ways in which you can more proactive, thereby win in the courts of public opinion.

Thanks for your thoughtful and kind consideration, blessings

Theodore “”Ted” Hayes, Jr.