Housing: 3 Things

      • Inexpensive or Lowcost housing
      • Inexpensive land
      • Inexpensive permitting
          • Sweep away the regulations
          • Permit exemption
          • A2 Agricultural “Use by Right” camps

(1) The shelters must be manufactured and not traditional construction subject to the building code. Domes are an example. The State Health and Safety Code has two sections for housing. One is for traditional governed by the building code. The other covers mobile homes, factory built housing, modular, etc. much of which is in compliance with HUD standards.

(2) The shelters must be located on low cost land that allows single story manufactured housing. This provides “breathing” space for the homeless. Low cost land is generally at the edge of the city where starter jobs exist like growing their own food. Their is low cost land that is both publicly and privately owned. Both have been identified and plans are being prepared.

(3) Regulations have been identified as an obstruction to solving the homeless problem. Our proposals rely on existing laws and exemptions to regulations. All we need is for government regulatory agencies to recognize exemptions to regulations and interpret regulations as they are intended. No emergency regulatory waivers are needed.

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