About the USDPC

Essentially, the United States of America, Domestic Peace Corps is about GOD, The Creator of all human beings equally in value to Himself and for His purposes.

Who, in the fortuitous dispensation of our time, has out of the billions of humans throughout the earth, primarily dwelling in urban and suburban centers, has fashioned and set in place certain of us to serve them into sanity, and out of the repetitive madness that we human beings have perpetrated against one another since days of antiquity, or at least the past 5-6,000 years of recorded history.

Being of all ages and several contiguous generations within one, we are the fortunately gifted, talented and equipped in character, personality-attitudes, sensitivity to others senses, spiritually insightful, intelligent, understanding, kind loving to all living creation, faith, hope, bravery, courage, patience, tolerance, patient, understanding, forgiving, peaceful orientation, disciplined, teachable, willingness to sacrifice self for the benefit of others, forgiving, entertaining, willing to follow in order to lead if at all, and communicative, etc.

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” [Holy Bible, John 1:1,14 – describing the manifestation of the Word of GOD]

Essentially, the US Domestic Peace Corps (USDPC) is the taking of ones highest values, in the celestial, that is, faith in GOD, or whatever higher forces that inspires, and subsequently manifesting them, i.e., making them terrestrial, that is, walk on the earth whereby the creation, primarily human beings can learn what this existence is and for.

This is the dispensation of our time to achieve the lofty and attainable goal of being human as intended, forsaking the old insane existence, to transcend into equitable abundant life for us all, beginning with those whom are extremely destitute of our blessings, such as the homeless.

Hence, the Domestic Peace Corps!

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