Government Chartered Township Option

Phase IV of the Justiceville EGIIP
“Promised Land of America

“…I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people will get to the promised land” MLK, Jr. April 3, 1968
“Free at last, free at last, thank GOD Almighty, we are free at last” MLK, Jr. August 28, 1963

The proposed township is not a place where homeless persons, including families, are shipped to by law enforcement, which essentially would become a growing concentration camp, thereby violating the US Constitution, equating to national dissolution.

The township is not a concentration camp whereby after being rounded up by law enforcement, homeless persons are shipped to and supervised under the tutelage of some government sanctioned agency (public or private) having no way of escape for the rest of their lives.

Essentially, such a place would a life sentence in a lock down situation based on being outlawed via poverty, all in the name of public health and safety for society at large.

Such is possible, even in an educated, “civilized” society, even as was the situation in Nazi Germany which outlawed the undesirables and un-assimilated of Europe in which tens of millions were interred in concentration camps and eventually, systematically, mass murdered.

It takes high degrees of education of people whom have become insanely intoxicated with insecurities, fears, prejudices and unlimited authority and power, again, such as Nazi Germany.

Note: Such behavior by educated peoples has been a insane pattern throughout history, especially of the last century, primarily by communist and socialist powers who in the name of ridding their countries of monarchial tyrants, i.e., Soviets of Russia, Mao Tse Sung of China, et al.

Note: In the 19 th Century, the whole murder of a myriad of Indigenous peoples of North America, and that of Mexico, Central and South America by the Roman Catholic, Spanish and Portuguese of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Any such movement, law, or sentiment that executes or even “seed”, i.e., leads to such as situation and condition is, and will be condemned and rigorously resisted by the activists of Justiceville.

Self Governing Body Politic of We the People
The township is government chartered community, having its own charter of rules, regulations, governing by an elected, stipend mayor, city council, and paid, appointed, law enforcement with supporting bureaucracies.

On site of the township is a government mission offices consisting of federal, state, county and immediate, neighboring cities and/or townships.

The purpose of this mission is not to officially interfere with the governing processes of the township, but rather serve as watch element which ensures that the citizens and residents thereof civilly interact with each according its charter.

Note: Officials of the mission may or may not hold residency, but not citizenship.

As such, should township citizens find that the governing body in all its aspects from legislation and enforcement thereof is not adequately following its charter, and exercising equitable justice in resolving the natural challenges that occurs, thereby demonstrating a growing, unredeemable corruption, they are free and authorized to report to the designated offices of the mission for appeal and protection, etc.

Depending on the severity of the matter, the appropriate office(s) will intervene and tend to the matter accordingly.

The more that mission offices have to intervene in the matter, brings the government back into the affairs of the resident peoples, which is something that is not desirable, as it will lead to the loss of freedoms!  It would be self-destructive to not faithfully heed, obey and follow the charter.

All people holding the romantic notion of having self-ruling, governing power over others, including themselves, must come to understand and embrace the reality, that with such authority comes responsibility work smartly, wisely as well as hard to maintain just, equitable civility.

History demonstrates that power unchecked or in the hands of immature person wrecks great destruction to themselves and subsequently others.

Too often, when rulers or governments deemed oppressive are deposed, their revolutionary vanquishers tend to then become the new tyrants themselves, often worse. 

This natural occurrence is due to immaturity of the protestors, whom out impatience utilizes the same tactics as those whom they seek to overthrow.  Hence, the ancient Hebrew proverb of King Solomon, ben David, saying, “Envy not the oppressor and choose not of his ways.” [Proverbs 3:31]

Take caution that when killing the “beast”, we not become it ourselves.  Therefore, wisdom dictates, rather to track, capture, break, tame and train, the beast to pull your/our burden without it knowing.

Therefore, the township is one that empowers its peoples-citizens to rule themselves and each other, thereby, accruing the responsible to not allow such power intoxicate them back into the ancient, seeming natural ways of human suppressing and oppression of others.

The Principle of the Democales Sword
Essentially the sword of Democales is one that visualizes the responsibility of ruling or governing power, that it’s not a light and frivolous matter to play with, but rather one that carries grave responsibilities, by the hanging of sharp sword hanging by a horses hair or thread over the head of the individual(s) in ruling authority, that at any point, it could fall on them, depending on how they rule.

Therefore, the township provides law abiding citizens who seek to escape the overbearing burdens and bondages of “big” government with all its oppression, the opportunity to self govern in the equitable civility that we all dream of. It’s taking full individual, collective and generational responsibility for self, family and society.

Mixed Population: Chartered Township
The township is a mixed population of non-homeless, even professionals of all occupations, and former homeless persons whom have primarily gone through the various levels of transitioning as briefly described in the Justice EGIIP.

The township option is not only for homeless and or poverty stricken persons, but for all US citizens, regardless of their social-economic status, whom are looking for a new, adventurous, exciting lease of life.

This desire to escape the stress filled “rat race” of the old world, mainstream society is so strong that these professionals are willing loose their former high paying salaries in exchange for the peace and quality of life that the advanced world of the New Frontier II has to offer them.

Note: All candidates for the township must pass through the “wilderness” period of restructuring their mindsets from of the “old” world, to that of the new. 

Essentially, every US citizen is welcomed to participate in the township and its development, regardless of race, i.e., anatomical features, ethnicity, ages-especially seniors, of all occupations and US military veterans, as well as ex-convicts of crime.

Note: All persons with criminal records, depending on severity, after graduating through the EGIIP processes, and maintaining residency at township, will have their records sealed or sponged, having the right to move about the country as pleased, even gaining passports for travel abroad, etc., as they can afford.

However, if they should choose to permanently leave the township in order to return back to the “mainstream”, their record would immediately become active again, subjecting them the dangers of society and perhaps re-imprisonment.  Such is the Sword of Domacles principles at work.

All domestic animal types-kinds, including exotics are welcomed and encouraged to participate as well.

Note: The animal program will help to alleviate strays, no longer wanted, and rescue those slated for euthanasia, et al.

Urban Center Replant
Essentially, the township is the full expression of the Justiceville Dome Village, which was the abbreviation of such.

The township is the breaking off of any given urban center, i.e., Los Angeles, cleansed of the failed or dysfunctional, “old” world-systems and replanted elsewhere, either on public or private property.

Note: According to the Stewart B. McKinney – Vento Homeless Assistance Act, Article 5,  any and all surplus federal properties, including former or abandoned military bases, having already infrastructure, can be utilized for homeless persons development into citizen productivity.

Within this “breaking off” would be gainful employment establishments, such manufacturing of all sorts from low to high tech, including those of IT – information technologies, such as Google, Face Book, Instagram, etc.; educational institutions from pre-school to collegiate; entertainment, such as theaters, amusement or theme and public parks, etc.; public transportation of automobiles, buses, trains, etc; retail stores such as, super and convenience markets, clothing, etc., including mini and major shopping malls, various banking systems, social services, etc., 

Township Benefits
All resident citizens of the township will have gainful employment, healthcare (physical, dental, psychological); life and accident insurance.

The Colonization of Earth
The New Frontier II: Operation Humanity (NFII:OH), based on the JFK “Moonshot and Beyond” vision-dream of colonizing the Moon and Mars, etc., is essentially, the new colonization of the earth, even as the Hebrew GOD, Yahuah, Adonai, Elohim, HaShem says in the Genesis to humanity who has been granted dominion-authority over the creation, “Be fruitful and multiply the earth”, not urban centers, where not 55% of the world 7.5 billion human being dwell in growing insanity of destruction.




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