General Letter To The POTUS

NOTE: Psychological, Physical and Economical Obstacles, Program  Resistance and Density no room, Makes Mainstreaming An Impossible
Objective To End Homelessness and The Programs To Do So, Impractical.

As ugly and even daunting as it may be, the President of the United States (POTUS) is being forced to take on this threatening crisis to our national security by first and foremost, assess and accept this truth about homelessness that it can truly be humanely resolved .

If we refuse and/or cant accept these facts about homelessness, then our good and well meaning efforts are in vain, just as we have been experiencing all these previous years.

Mr. President,
The vast majority (98%) of homeless people cannot be restored or placed for the first time into the mainstream of American society due to psychological, physical and economical conditions, while another 98% have no desire to enter or re-enter its mainstream of working class peoples, being either working poor, lower, middle and upper middle classes.

Yet, even if the conditions were perfect (psychological, physical and economical) and the homeless peoples desired to enter mainstream, it is an impossible objective or task to achieve.

This fact is due to the reality of geophysical density in the area of Los Angeles, and the glaring fact, that there are not a sufficient stock of affordable housing in decent neighborhoods and cost of living jobs.

Therefore we need to consider and explore implementing alternative approach, even the ones that we are presenting to you as simply outlined in the JSAP (JOINT STATEMENT AND ACTION PLAN) by the Law Enforcement Working Group, of which you have a copy.

Responsible individuals and entities in society must no longer remain in denial about this homelessness circumstance and situation by attempting to mainstream the Homeless.  We must not remain as Egyptians, that is, dwelling in the de-nial (the Nile) about this issue.

In order to conceive, formulate, develop, and implement programs and strategies for confronting homelessness issues, serious activism must:

First identify realistic objectives and goals that can be obtained or achieved.
Secondly, everyone in society, including the Homeless themselves, must face the reality that mainstreaming as the ultimate end to homelessness, is futile,
Thirdly, challenge and defeat it by a government private sector partnership in A national plan that offers an alternative to the mainstream.

It is the stated and grand objective of activism to end, eradicate or at least minimize the ravages caused by homelessness by transitioning them into the mainstream of society.  Correct?  Correct!

Non-Mainstreaming Homeless
Given my knowledge and experience in homelessness, it is my opinion that 98 % of the homelessness populations can not and will not transition out of homelessness into the mainstream of society, whereas a mere 2% will escape, enter and remain in it.

This is true nationwide, primarily in major urban centers with t temperate climates, such as Portland, Organ; Seattle, Washington; Austin, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Honolulu, Hawaii; et al, but especially, in Los Angeles, the capital of homelessness of the United States of America!

Some of these people are those who have experienced mainstream lifestyle before their state of homelessness, while others coming from already impoverished circumstances and conditions, are seeking lifestyle for the first time.

Of that 98%, there are two groups, they being 1), the smaller number of certifiable, clinically mentally ill, needing either institutional care, or routine outpatient assistances, particularly in the areas of counseling and timely, proper dosage of medicinal treatments, without which, they can’t effectively function; 2) the vastly larger number, who are mentally and physically capable of working a “9-5” type, even “gainful” or cost of living employment, are refusing to accept them.

In fact, as demonstrated by their behavior, these peoples distain the lifestyles of the middle due to the insane costs of achieving it.

Note: This refusal is based on the fear that such productive activity will land them right back into the stressful situations that pushed them into their respective states of homelessness.

Narrative metaphor A:

  • They are like the slave who wondered off the slave plantation and subsequently, accidentally tasted freedom.
  • That freed slave would rather die in the filth of the swamp, or heat of the desert or cold of snow, than return to plantation.
  • No a mount of coercing can motivate them to return, neither better food, healthcare, clothing, slave quarters, working conditions, not even beatings or death.
  • It’s universally accepted, that untainted or non compromised human nature of respectful survival, tends to rather equate freedom with dignity.

Narrative metaphor B:

  • In the mind of the freed homeless person, to return to mainstream is like, firemen arriving to the scene of a house burning down, and trying force a smoke-filled escapee, beating the flames off his/her cloths while fleeing from the disaster, to go back in it.
    That the escaping persons is pure, suicidal insane, mentally ill driven consultation from the crazed firemen.

Dwellings of the Homeless Populations
These populations would include those individuals and families who dwell in garages turned into illegal housing, over-capacity  apartments and houses (* dwelling with family/friends), hotels, motels, SRO apartments, transitional housing, missions, shelters, abandoned buildings, automobiles, (trailers, trucks, buses, vans, cars, RV-recreational vehicles, etc.) encampments, (tents, blankets, plastic lean-tos, etc), shanty towns, (wooden shacks) and on the streets (sidewalks, store front porches, alley ways, parking and vacant lots, under surface road and freeways overpass bridges, off freeway islands, public parks, bus stop benches, beach fronts, river beds, etc.)

Controversy: Street Homeless
Of all the various levels of homelessness, it’s the sidewalk-encampment homeless peoples that are the most visible, troublesome, dangerous, and therefore, the incredible controversial of all the homelessness populations.

Note: Dangerous in that 1), too many rob and destroy property, cause business diminishment, and even physical attacks; 2), the potential of igniting disease contagions effecting general society; hence, such is a grave public health safety threat; 3), it may cause a societal backlash whereby public opinion may reluctantly demand measures for forcefully and rapidly rounding them up and placed-concentrated into facilities where they are no longer a nuisance and menace to society.  See The Options

Sir, this is basic narrative to understand what is at stake here, and how to humanely deal with it, which is why it’s necessary that it be accomplished by Presidential Executive Order.

Thanks for your courageous service to our nation and the world.

Ted Hayes


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