Presidential Executive Order: Introduction

It Is The Only Way On The Creator’s Earth By Which We Together Might Achieve What Is Deemed,
An Impossible Dream
Lincoln, Grant, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy
Following Lincoln, these  succeeding Presidents issued Executive Orders on behalf of chattel slaves and their descendant children, i.e., black citizens


The homelessness situation in the United States of America, Union republic, particularly as it relates to chronic, hardcore, sidewalk, encampments, etc., is growing in numbers and complexities.
This is especially true and poignant in the urban regions where most black citizens dwell, such as Los Angeles, the national capital of homelessness, containing the greatest open secret of devastation and shame for a world class city, is Skid Row, its “ground 0” and “black hole vortex”, which has spawned a myriad of little skid rows throughout the region.
A POTUS Executive Order will enforce civility among the competing social service providers, and peace among the activists, challenging them to help unravel complexities, no longer feeding further into the homeless industrial complex (HIC), straightening out the political morass, and cease the repetitive, dysfunctional measures of insanity… of which most homeless persons find those whom deploys such vulgarity, to being mentally, emotionally and intellectually disturbed, themselves.
This is one of the primary reasons for seeking the Presidential Executive Order to eradicate the ravages of homelessness on homeless persons, and society as a whole, even all humanity ourselves.
Without such human authority and leadership on this GOD created earth, this impossible dream that we all have, is indeed impossible.
Note: For six thousand, recorded world history, human beings have dreamed of the moon, what it was made of, how it stays suspended and moves, etc., and most importantly, how to get there if it were possible.
But finally, after six thousand years of dreaming, the spoken word and command of an individual human being, in control of and leading the most powerful nation in word history, recognized the timing, along geopolitical situation, the technology and the abundant mental genius available, uttered a challenge that made the impossible, even well within reality within his project time scale…JFK Moon Shot Vision.
The must be so with this POTUS, but this the New Frontier is humanity itself.
Hence, New Frontier II: Operation Humanity (NF2:OH)
NF2:OH presents two specific cases of Presidential Executive Orders,
1) being, the Truman initiated rebuilding of Germany, England, Europe, i.e., the Marshal; and that of Japan, South and Northern Pacific, Asia,i.e., MacArthur…post WWII, by which these regions and nations of the world were functioning and moving up;
2) being, Eisenhower enforced the edicts of the 14th Amendment-1866 Civil Rights Act, particularly in the matters of school integration, destruction of the KKK, and civil advancement of US black citizens, i.e. chattel slave descendants, et al.

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