The Saga of Ted Hayes, Founder of USDPC

His Presidential Executive Order


In known United States history, the only person who has ever willingly, voluntarily chose to dwell at the bottom of American society with lowest outcasts, i.e., homeless persons, subsisting on city sidewalks with them in makeshift encampments is civil rights activist, Ted Hayes of Los Angeles.

Believing that he heard from and was being obedient to the Written Word of GOD (Hebrew Holy Scriptures, i.e., Bible), Ted left, not abandoned his family (of which he remained in regular touch), to conscientiously, voluntarily dwell on city sidewalks with homeless persons in so called Skid Row, located in Central City East district, downtown, Los Angeles.

Hosting Skid Row, its “ground 0 – black hole vortex”, LA is considered the national homelessness capital of the US, and comparatively the world of US military Veterans, as well as civilians.

Similar to his greatest, spiritual, social, civic, political activist mentors such as: Sid Hartha, the Buddha; Mahatma Ghandhi; Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; most importantly, Yehusha Ha Mashiach- Jesus Christ, all of whom willing became homeless or untouchable, in his innocent zeal, Ted dared to do so as well for the following reasons:

  1. To feel, taste, i.e., experience homelessness on that level in the event that when someday he would speak on the matter, it would from gravitas of his heart experiences, thereby being convincing;
  2. To seek causes for such homelessness and thereby discover the resolutions to it.

What the spiritually inspired activist thought would be approximately a few weeks of experiential research, turned into 8, long years, followed by another 13 with homeless persons living in the Dome Village which he and his colleagues created, largely funded by HUD in November 3, 1993 in downtown, lasting until November 7, 2007, as a first step towards a national homeless plan to end it.

As America’s and the worlds’ foremost homeless activist, Ted proclaims that he has learned the causes of homelessness, and discovered its resolutions, and due to his effort expects at least the opportunity to present his Big Idea and Bigger Dreams to the President of the United States. 

Such expectation is particularly just, proper and special in light of Presidential obligation to the
14th Amendment
-1866 Civil Rights, the National Birth and Identity certificate solely of black US citizens. i.e., black citizens.

Since the mid-1980’s, Ted Hayes recognized the need for and has consistently called for Presidential Executive Ordered plan and strategy with the zeal of the post World War II, Marshall Plan for the rebuilding of Europe and ending house-less and homelessness in the millions, which was accomplished within 10-20 years.

Such leadership role of Ted is based on the reality of him being he longest and most experienced in conscientious, volunteer homelessness; leads in countless efforts of record-setting lobbying, demonstrating-protesting, and even civil disobedience of government (municipal, county, state and federal, i.e., all three branches, including law enforcement and military); Justiceville public displays of resolutions; initiating adoptable successful programs.

All of these efforts significantly raised the general awareness of homelessness, and even causing billions of dollars of private as well as public fund and allocations; devised the only national and global plan to end homelessness; as well as his ever increasing efforts to do so; the conscientious intervention of Ted Hayes has dramatically earned him the moniker of the foremost national and world homeless activist.

The crowning information that Ted learned from this experiences in both the journeys-sagas of Justiceville from the Skid Row shantytown encampment on Gladys Streets, between 5th and 6th Streets, through Dome Village at 847 Golden Avenue in downtown Los Angeles, is that without a trained, prepared, equipped individuals such as himself, being embedded, amalgamated into the communities of homeless persons, et al, these and every other outreach effort is doomed to failure or ineffectiveness.

Hence, created, devised and is developing the United States of America, Domestic Peace Corps 


The Validation of The Dome Village
Thinking globally, acting locally, Ted and the Justiceville activists and their allies created the Dome Village, the most innovative approach to end homelessness in US history.

Mr. Lod Cook, the then President and Chairperson of the Board of the Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) which contributed $250,000 to initiate the Dome Village said of it at the opening ceremony on November 3, 1993, “The most innovative concept addressing homelessness in at least the last 50 years.”

The 20 20’+12’ apex omni-sphere domes of that made up the village on 11/4 aces lot in downtown, Los Angeles, was invented by Craig Chamberlain, a US Military, Vietnam combat  Veteran and ardent disciple-student, as well as personal friend of the late, R. Buckminister Fuller.

A wealthy property owner, Mr. David Adams, met with Ted, and so understood the immediate and long term resolution to chronic, sidewalk, encampment homelessness, became his business credibility partner; along with LA Mayor Richard Riordan who led the cities Planning Department, which has the most stringent codes in the world, to book the omni-spheres as legal, temporary, transitional structures for so said purposes.

Today, the city and county of Los Angeles has within treasury, circa two billion dollars granted by voter ballot measures, don’t know how to effectively utilize the funds, as the crisis grows worse.

 Yet, while the government has in residence the only tried and proved, primarily HUD (Housing, Urban Development) department facility, specifically created to for what is at issue, including a national plan by Presidential Executive Order to end it, sitting on its desk.

Though nearly 33 years ago, via his unique experience, Ted Hayes first stated the causation of the matter, and offered a solution to it, including warning government, etc., of the consequences if not heeded, which as a result of not, the explosion predicted by him has more than come to pass.

After decades of ignoring him and everything that been tried by government has utterly failed, as evidently seen on our sidewalks, etc., Ted Hayes is the “last man standing” and must be allowed the opportunity that he has, and continues to propose.

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