USDPC: Training

After acceptance by the United States Domestic Peace Corps administration, all accepted Servant Trooper workers (STW) will be trained extensively in how to function as such.

Initial Training Course

DPC 101: Introduction
Instructor gives an overview of the USDOC is and its function, reasoning, and objective or mission, based on the two primary examples of –

A.  The Peace Corps initiated in 1961 by POTUS, the Hon. John F. Kennedy, designed and implemented by Sergant Shriver into foreign countries

B.  The voluntary experience of Ted Hayes, domestically

DPC 102: Attitudes of Service
This policy is of utmost importance, as it will help the servant-trooper to:

A. win the friendship and trust of the sidewalk, encampment dwellers.

B. keep servant troopers safe, due to silence, observance and ego salvation.

DPC 103: Self Defense
While it’s the first and primary objective of the STW’s to avoid personal, physical violence from any potential irate individual(s), each will be trained in the basics of martial arts, self defense techniques for obvious reasons.

DPC – 104: Basic Psycho and Sociological Understanding
Individuals whom are already knowledgeable, and experienced in these two fields of humanity, are highly encouraged to become a Trooper; whereas those whom are not so trained or/and skilled, will receive adequate such basics as it is extremely needed.

Before Servant Director Ted Hayes voluntarily entered into the world of homelessness, being a self-professed Christian minister, he was already equipped with such experience as being a self taught, lay scholar in these fields, even practiced psychological counseling of troubled individuals and married couples, thereby being equipped to master the myriad of situations ranging from: motivating homeless person to learn and practice civil, community cooperation; mediate peace between belligerents, et al.

DPC – 105: Spirituality
Regardless of Troopers religious, spiritual beliefs, or none, the DPC strongly encourages that they have individual faith in some power or force larger than themselves, if not the GOD, Divine Almighty, Living, Conscientious, Being of the Hebrew Holy Scriptures (The Bible), or even in possess some understanding of natures laws.

As Ted, who is an ardent believer in the Divine Persons and the Laws of Nature Created by HIM, will testify that his 8 years of willing journeying in homelessness of LA city, Skid Row sidewalks, etc., was replete with what some would think are miracles, when they were about  managing the universal principles of survival.  However, there are were also, those actually true miracles that could not have occurred with the divine intervention of the Supreme Mind and Person of GOD.

Without such expressed faith, the DPC will find it very difficult to deploy a Trooper into the encampment front lines, etc.

DPC 106: Street Training For Deployment
The Trooper trainees will taught by first hand experiences of periodical dwelling with trainers on the sidewalks and encampments, etc., to learn how to be accepted in homeless communities and acclimate to the environments.


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