DPC: Domestic Peace Corps Mission

Mission Purpose
The United States Domestic Peace Corps (USDPC) recruits, trains, equips, willing and qualified individuals to be in service this Union republic by assisting the Presidential Executive Order based Justiceville’s E.G.I.I.P. (Exodus, Genesis, Incentive, Initiative Plan) that will eradicate chronic“, hardcore, sidewalk, encampment homelessness.

These “ground 0” servant-Troopers embed and amalgamate into certain settlements of homeless individuals and families to serve them as helpmates- companions.

The embedding of the servant-troopers begins with infiltration of homelessness encampments, befriending the campers, thereby gaining their individual trust, in order  to “walk”-lead them all the way through each of the necessary, transitional phases of a Presidential, Executive Ordered objective of EGIIP.

The two ultimate objectives are either, traditional mainstream; or government chartered, socially multi-mixed status populations, 21st Century technology-driven, free market capital enterprise, industrial townshipsSee multi-mixed status populations

The Domestic Peace Corps (DPC) is based-established on the inspiration of two models:

1..The United States Peace Corps (foreign) instituted in and by the authority of the federal government via the aggressive advocacy of late President, the Hon. John Fitzgerald Kennedy (January 1961-November 22, 1963), which is designed and implemented by his brother-law, former Ambassador to France, the Hon. Robert Sargent Shriver.

2..The unprecedented in US history, eight (8) years of voluntarily dwelling in a nomadic state with homeless persons sleeping on the city sidewalk and encampments of Skid Row, dubbed its “Ground 0” and “black hole vortex”, located in the Central City East District of downtown Los Angeles, California, the national, homelessness capital, followed by another 13 years in the Dome Village.

As in the cases of these two models, particularly that of Ted Hayes, amalgamated DPC servant-troopers, being also acclimated with the environment, naturally maintains constant daytime watch and nighttime vigil, of the various homeless populations to whom they are assigned, especially to those whom are physically and mentally challenged.

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