LYFTED: Rise of the Millennials

A Special Welcome To All –My Wonderful Lyft Passengers

“Be of Joy, Great Hope and Blessings”
The New Frontier II:Operation Humanity
“Who We Are”

The Banner of Hope and Love
Actually, despite all the insensitive criticism and hurtful disparages by the elders of the age group of this “mountain” generation, between 20-40, with “sweet-spot” being middle 20’s to middle 30’s, particularly of the United States of America, as well as those of Western civilization, dubbed, Millennials, are probably the smartest peoples in the history of the world.

Unlike similar, former, so called generations like,along with the great, age expansive, “baby boomers”; the 1960’s hippies; ’70’s yuppies; 80’s-90’s; Gen X, et al; or any dating back to antiquity; the present, being the Millennials, have been granted the necessary tools, and resources unprecedented unprecedented in human history.

With the GOD-given-gifts and high technological tools, combined with great intellect and action love, i.e., Agape = Gk – GOD kind of love, when the Millennials become inspired by the hope of the New Frontier II: OH, giving them revelation of their identity in the world at this time, particularly, featuring the global homelessness EMERGENCY-crisis, they will be empowered:

1. …to not only rectify the last disasters of the last 6,000 recorded years of history;

2. …in generations to come, perhaps, a thousand years hence, humanity will be able to acknowledge that it was during this, our generation, that we finally learned what it means to be human as the Creator intended.

The intent of the spirit of the New Frontier II: Operation Humanity, is to inspire you to now rise up to the its hopeful vision and intent of a healed future for ourselves and our descendant children of generations yet to come.