Jewish Journal Article: Homeless Resides At UCLA

“What Happened To America?”
(February 1, 2019 Edition)


Please see the article about the Jewish Journal about the UCLA Hillel Art Gallery exhibition entitled “Homelessness” by artist Pat Beger.

The thirteen (13) piece set includes painting of human beings dwelling on city sidewalks, plus two featuring Civil Rights-Homelessness, resolution activist Ted Hayes of over thirty (30) years ago when he first conscientiously amalgamated with homeless persons in Los Angeles to seek resolution to sidewalk, encampment, etc., homelessness…one being with the Dome Village for the Homeless and the Compton Cricket Club’s Homies & the POPz Cricket team; and a four (4) foot portrait.

The article is about Pat Berger and her prophetic depiction of homelessness and how she and I became beloved friends and allies for over thirty (30) years.

Click onto “What Happened To America”  then scroll across to Index and notice the full portrait on Page-5, and then further to Page-38 to see the article entitled “Homelessness Now Resides At UCLA”

Thank you beloved Pat Berger, prophetic artist, and UCLA Hillel; and the whole Jewish community worldwide for this wonderful opportunity. 

Blessings according to the Promise given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob-Israel, and that of the King Solomon-HaShem Covenant of II Chronicles 6:32-34, that my beloved, Hametic black peoples may be saved for “Salvation is of the Jews”.

Yeaaa, blessed Eretz Israel, Ani Israeli!



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