The Justiceville Response: Narrative – LAHSA/HUD Dysfunction

[Justiceville Response]  [Threat File]

Government Orders
“Self Quarantine, Shelter In Place, Stay Home, Physical Social Distancing, Curfew”
How? Where? When?

Once again, the HUD funded LA City and County Joint Powers Act entity is dysfunctional when addressing another homelessness crisis as demonstrated by this attempt to impact the spread of the Novel Chinese Wuhan Corona Virus COVID-19 among the sheltered homeless–houseless peoples…demonstrating the staff doesn’t know what they are doing as demonstrated by their billions of dollars spent and wasted, 27 years of consistent and repetitive failures.

The Proven Dangers of Open Room Shelter Facilities
Scientist admonish that people should stay away from crowds wherein they are within the purported six feet (6’) distance of each other, which invalidates the implementation of open room shelter facilities for obvious reason.

Actually, remaining outside of open room shelter facilities is the best option for homeless persons who dwell in tents and various makeshift shelters which are generally suited for individuals thereby, minimizing the spread of the Virus and other such contagions.

This is one of the primary reasons for the Dome Village transportable (non permanent) shelter-housing as it provided for individually closed spaces, sharing perhaps with one other person, thereby extremely minimizing the spread of any contagion or even common colds.

LA mayor Eric Garcetti claims that he modeled his failed, Bridge Shelter-Housing after Dome Village, when instead it has open room space bedding, a sure incubator and purveyor of “flying”-airborne and surface contact surviving diseases.  Shameful and dangerous!

Note: In the Spring of 1999, some 21 years ahead of this ripened time, under the Clinton Presidential Administration, the “Top Cop” law enforcement officers’ JSAP document stated as much in Chapter IV. Action Request, Section E

“The joint signatories call for the creation of new facilities or restructuring of appropriate existing facilities to encourage the Homeless to exchange street living for more attractive, dignified and medically sound alternatives; bearing in mind at all times the need for protection of the rights and dignity of the Homeless and of other neighborhood residents generally. These alternative living facilities or communities will be inspired or patterned after pilot projects such as Dome Village, Los Angeles, or other examples; first as local models, then as an integral part of the recommended national strategy.”

Just as Justiceville has been consistently warning about for 35 years, that such open room facilities are ticking time bombs waiting the ripe time for explosion, i.e., Chinese, Wuhan, COVID-19 and more such ailments yet to come!


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