Proposed Czar Initiative By LA City Attorney, Mike Feuer

L.A. Needs A Homelessness Czar
The Mike Feuer Qualifying Principles
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Re: LA City Attorney, Mike Feuer’s Call Upon Mayor To Appoint A Czar Homeless

Greeting everyone, Shalom!
On October 23, 2017 and January 09, 2018, Los Angeles City Attorney, the Hon. Mike Fuer called upon the Hon. LA Mayor, Eric Garcetti, i.e., the City to find, select and commission a Czar Homeless (LACH), i.e, Special Mayoral Envoy (SME) to rectify the EMERGENCY Crisis declared, chronic, sidewalk, encampment homelessness.

See the summary of required qualifications that Mr. Feuer has presented, of which, you will notice, that I, as America’s foremost and leading, Civil Rights – homelessness resolving activist, am the most qualified.

There is no other modern day activist who has the first, hands-experience that I’ve been blessed of GOD to attain, whereby knowledge, wisdom, insight has been gained, that will someday be text book information.

As LACH – SME, there is no need for me to create case studies, nor gather analytic-statistical information as that process has been already completed by other more scientific research.  Such information simply can be accessed.  Therefore, so need to  waste anymore time “reinventing the wheel.”

Rather, as a result of conscientious, willful, voluntary entry into the world of said homelessness, I’ve been fortunate enough to not only experience it, but to devise a viable optional plan and strategies that will effectively achieve the win-win-win the results that everyone is seeking.

Upon viewing the Fuer Principles that qualifies a Czar Homeless, like no other activist in the USA, I’m by far, the most qualified individual, and am prepared to immediately assume such an office.

Furthermore, while Mr. Fuer says that Czar Homeless should be hired at city’s expense, it’s my preference that funds for my personal upkeep be private investment or contribution, thereby not being further burden upon tax payers, and is true public-private venture.  However, public funds for staff and office should be allocated.

The idea of a Czar Homeless was originated in the mid 1980’s after I had spent some initial months and years looking deep into what elements it would take to humanely eradicate said homelessness.

Upon discovering this element and proposing to the President George, H.W. Bush Administration of 1988-1992, but seeming taken hold during the succeeding one of the Hon. William J. Clinton of 1993-2001, the Inter Agency on Homelessness was established in the White House.

Being whom I am, and not who I should’ve been, disqualified me from qualifying for the position, which was commissioned to a Mr. Phillip Mangano, who served as the Czar, both the Clinton and George W. Bush Administrations, and is now the President of American Round Table To Abolish Homelessness.

Though ranked as the best qualified person in homelessness activism of anyone in the country, at least Los Angeles, its national capital for sure, and having the only pragmatic comprehensive national plan which will unite all concerned in a focused and achievable objective, I lack the official governmental authority to perform.

While battling the immediate threats of said homelessness with the government officials, I  propose to you that simultaneously, that the greatest and most effective way to expend your time, energy, resources, skills, and funds is advocate for my being appointed and commissioned LA Czar Homelessness.

Regardless of the many efforts whether its anti-activism or pro-advocacy, with programs, etc., without what is being proposed here being implemented, they will only prove to be in vain.

So, please do send the two attached letters to each respective city officials, i.e., Mayor Garcettti and City Attorney, Fuer.

Either send the drafted letters in your own style or compile your own ASAP.

Thanks and blessings.