Marion Woods, Prophet MLK, Jr. – The Promissory Note


The Constitutionally Codified 1866 Civil Rights Act, the Progenitor of the 14th Amendment, US, Federal, Presidential Jurisdiction Super Citizenship of Black Citizens, Descendants of the Union’s Chattel Slaves, Freemen (non slave blacks), et al

 In Honor and Memory of the late, Marion Woods,

This statement is a paraphrased sentiment of the late Marion Woods of Sacramento, California…Personal Friend and Moorehouse College Room and Classmate…and Fellow Civil Rights Activist Leader

“In ‘I Have A Dream’, what he prophetically pronounces and admonishes black citizens to “cash” at Bank of Justice, the late Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was/is saying that “Promissory Note” is the 1866 Civil Rights Act – 14th Amendment, the United States Birth and Identity Right Citizenship of black citizens. 

At the time, we just didn’t quite know how to process it forward.  Perhaps, GOD in HIS good timing has reserved and arranged, that ‘now is the time…the fierce urgency of now’ the “cashing” of the “Promissory Note”, indeed for this nation rise up and live out its creed, that all men are created equal.”

The late, great Mr. Woods, was a central 1960’s Civil Rights leader who was devotee and personal friend of the late Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., even classmates at Morehouse College; the leading such activist in Sacramento; director of three CA State government Departments, i.e., Benefit Payments; Social Services for the District of Columbia; Human Resources; considered the Sacramento region “Martin Luther King, Jr.”

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We intend to pick up were they left off…finally.


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