National Security Threat of Virus(s) and Homelessness

[The Threat File]
The National Security Threat of The Virus and Homelessness

The Government Orders: “Self Contain, Quarantine, Shelter In Place, Social Distance, Isolate At Home”
An Impossible Option For Homeless

See: The Trending Options of the Virus Homelessness Threat

Los Angeles, 35 year, legendary Civil Rights-Homelessness resolution activist proclaims that due to ignorance and proper experience in the matter of homelessness, particularly as it relates to black citizens, government Servants from Los City proper and the County, State and most importantly, the federal, i.e., the Executive Branch, The President, hysteria around the Novel, Chinese Wuhan, CVID-19 Virus is stumbling our country into military forced quarantining of homeless, US citizens.

Not desirous to make “friendly fire” upon the White House, but as a result of said staff’s refusal to share supposed, “classified” information with him and his A-Team staff, as well as blocking access to President Trump in the matter of the Virus and homeless persons, which is not being addressed, particularly as it relates to black citizens…that they may assist POTUS

..activist Ted Hayes theorizes that very soon, due hysterical pressure, the White House-POTUS will issue Executive Orders with State Governors for HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson and Mr. Robert Marbut, Jr. Executive Director of the US Interagency Council On Homelessness (USICH), et al…

to dispatch FEMA and deploy the National Guard to conduct the anti-Constitution deed of…”getting the homeless off the streets”, while minimizing the spread of the Virus.

The experienced, self-confident activists claims that should such an Order be given and carried out, not having an exodus Strategic Plan, it would naturally lead to the indefinite interment or concentration camping – “encampment” of said US citizens, including our Military Veterans, thereby unleashing the early stages of the “fascist dog” upon us all.

“Perhaps, the military should send us to Guantanamo Bay.  We hear its pretty nice there”
(The Homeless/Houseless)

These claims by Mr. Hayes are either profoundly true or wildly, preposterous imaginations, but nonetheless, a theory worthy of consideration and investigation, given his long and history-making role in this matter, as none other is as qualified.

Please take the time to review his concerns and resolution admonition because if anybody in the United States understands the matters of homeless, particularly as it relates to black citizens, it’s Ted Hayes.

In fact, Ted has for 35 years warned of this “public health and safety” threat excuse to remove homeless citizens out of neighborhoods as they can’t, and correctly have no desire to return to the stresses of money-driven, overpopulated, stress induced substance of alcohol and drugs (i.e., illicit street, cartel pushed, to physician prescribed, pharmacidals for physical and psychological relief) addicted, “mainstream” lifestyles.

Hence, the attorney Carol Sobel council to ACLU, et al, defense arguments of the landmark, 1985, Not Guilty, “Defense of Necessity” jury trail verdict, whereby Ted Hayes and two homeless, US military Veterans were arrested by LAPD for trespassing, which is the foundation of the Jones and Boise Acts, which has led to the present, encampment culture crisis.

Therefore, US citizens, particularly those whom are black, are forced by the high costs of rent and living expenses, to publicly defy the systems and defend their willingness as well as legal right of survival adaptations to dwell on the “sidewalks” with rats, etc., than to suffer within the aforementioned, “rat race” ills of mainstream society, thereby wrongly oppressing neighborhoods residents wherein they encamp.

As with Ms. Sobel, the “mother of” and Ted being “father”, he, of all people knows how to bring to “win-win-win” conclusion the reign of the encampment culture by the “beast” which he helped to sire.

Ted is available to for further commentary or interviews at 424-248-4219

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