Point of Note: Ronda E. Flanzbaum, Unsung Hero of Dome Village and Beyond

The Flanzbaum Legacy

Just a note here about a person that  played a highly significant role of not only administrating its 13 year, unexpected existence.. but Ronda E. Flanzbaum, was also there in the very conceptual, as well as initial, 1993 birth of the Dome Village, then dubbed, Genesis I…even having, prior and rare, “on the ground” experience with sidewalk, encampment, homeless persons via her participation of a significant RAND survey.

Ronda’s keen computer sense and skills from the times of conception through her creation, development, as well as management of the Cyber Dome, the very first of its kind in the nation’s or its history, is one of fundamental components that made Dome Village.

Along with her other beneficial contributions, too numerous to mention here, Dome Village and its many productive programs could not have manifested as they did.  Please visit Dome Village

The technological, internet skills that Ronda derived from her father (an original pioneer of computers from the 1950’s through to the 80’s, and one of the incredible engineers who gave birth to it), is essentially the foundation upon which the Justiceville movement and organization, responsible for Dome Village, National Homeless Plan concepts, thrives and increases in its ultimate objectives.

Unlike most good-willed social service workers, as such, whom work in  limited shifts, the mild mannered, humble and kind, Ronda, gave so much of her own time at the village, that all of the homeless residents, including citizens of the surrounding community loved, loves, and adored, adores her.

  As Dome Village program director, for 13 years (November 1993-November 2007), Ronda faithfully, annually led the organizing and production of holiday festivities, such as Thanks Giving and Christmas that benefited primarily thousands of Hispanic/Latino children of the 18th Street-Pico Union area; co-created a skating club; supported the world renown, Compton Cricket Club (CCC), featuring the Homies & the POPz, the most famous, American-born Cricket team in US history, as well built its website, along that of Dome Village’s, and many others; created and managed gardening; provided arts and crafts for children of the Village, and so many other matters that made our enterprise so landmark successful.

Here’s to Ms. Ronda Ellen Flanzbaum, the unsung hero of Dome Village.  She made and continues to make all the difference.

Thanks “Help me” Ronda. “Help-help me” Ronda!