Eradicating Homelessness By Presidential Executive Order (A Brief Synopsis)

The overwhelming pervasiveness of chronic, sidewalk, beach front, public parks, culturized, encampment homelessness, as exemplified by that which is paralyzing Los Angeles, its national capital, as well as that of homeless, US Military Veterans, demands and expects federal attention, particularly from the Presidency.

This admonishment is advocated in the Unified Action Plan (U.A.P.), which is a collaborative sentiment and advice by certain top level, elected and appointed, California law enforcement officers.

Due to its inability to properly rectify said homelessness, state, county and municipal governments are forcing homeless person, i.e., US citizens to languish in an outlaw to public health, safety and building codes existence, thereby subjecting them to arrest, which violates the 8th Amendment which prohibits “cruel and unusual punishments”.

Such governmental policy and execution of law also violates the14th Amendments–1866 Civil Rights Act (The Act), Sections 1, 2, even reminiscent of the mid-19th to mid-20th century Jim Crowism, i.e., legislated prejudicial, racial, discrimination against US black citizens, African slave trade heritage, whom are descendants of chattel slaves, et al, whom are overwhelming disproportionately represented in homelessness.
See “It’s A Civil Rights Matter”

Therefore, similar to that of Los Angeles county and city proper, the Presidential issuance of a post World War II, Marshall Plan-like Executive Order that declares said homelessness, an EMERGENCY Crisis threat to national security, thereby triggering measures that would perform the following:

  1.  Activate the White House Inner Agency On Homelessness, therefore, having access to all federal resources, including surpluses such as former military bases, and other lands;
  2. Uniform all states, county and municipal, as well as United States territories, to follow the lead of Los Angeles in humanely rectifying the matter.

Note: This Presidential order will stop and prevent:

A. the natural migration of needy persons to regions of the country that clement as well as social welfare conducive to their nomadic or/and homelessness culture lifestyles, like Southern California, i.e., Los Angeles, as well as San Francisco; Hawaii; Phoenix, Ariz., Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; etc.,

B. governmental jurisdiction near and far from these regions of sending their failed cases to them, dubbed “Greyhound or Jet/Train Therapy”, whereby governments give one way tickets to their failed cases.

Designed by Civil Rights-homelessness resolution activist, Ted Hayes, and founder of the iconic Justiceville, The New Frontier II: Operation Humanity (NFII:OH) is the only proactive, win-win-win  proposed comprehensive plan and strategy that will simultaneously satisfy the mandates of the Jones Act of 2006.

Instead being a budgetary, time lined and programmatic plan, the NFII: OH is a multiplex “Big Idea – Bigger Dreams” strategy according to the administrative policies of the Hon. President of the United States (POTUS, Mr. Donald John Trump, inviting all US citizens to bring him “Big Ideas and Bigger Dreams”.

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