PR 1 The Great Quest To Help LA Mayor, Eric Garcetti Resolve Homelessness

“The 35 Years State & Fate of Union Homelessness Emergency Address”
Presented by Ted Hayes
USA’s Foremost Civil Rights-Homelessness Resolution Activist [The LA De Facto Czar Homeless]

The Pat Berger “Homelessness” Art Exhibit
UCLA Hillel Art Center, 574 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024,
Thursday, March 21, 2019 7:00-9:30 PM

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Significantly twice featured in Ms. Berger’s, Ted’s beloved friend and sister’s prophetic thirteen piece art series focused on sidewalk and encampment homelessness in the Los Angeles of the mid-1980’s, Ted Hayes will expound on the state and fate of what has become — 35 years later — a “EMERGENCY

homelessness crisis” in the United States as seen through his personal lens, having voluntarily lived it.  This will be am unprecedented presentation!

Not necessarily agreeing with his polices or actions, Ted yet praises his friend, Mayor Garcetti for two reasons: 1.) Wisely declaring homelessness an EMERGENCY, leading LA County and the California State Assembly to follow with their own, now challenging the President of the United States (POTUS) to do likewise; 2) Other than Richard Riordan, and James Hahn, also Ted’s friends, as no other high elected official, made ending said homelessness his crowning political career objective.   Agree or disagree. Succeed of fail, at least he’s trying.

While planning to conclude his remarks with a “win-win-win”, i.e. nobody is the “bad guy”, resolution to our existing homelessness emergency, Ted will be discussing such topics as:

  1. 1. The blatant local and national disproportion of homeless US black citizens, and what it portends if not soon rectified; See “Because It Is A Civil Rights Matter”
  2. Los Angeles, being the capital of such, is not a local, but a NATIONAL crisis, therefore requiring direct Presidential intervention based on the 14th Amendment-1866 Civil Rights Act
  3. The “great Garcetti factor and dilemma”: America’s Mayor Homeless, “A Successful Champion or Honorable Failure?”
  4. A brief history of the two pronged homelessness industrial complex (HIC) of political activism and economic gain;
  5. The unjust and dangerous role of law enforcement;
  6. How the “psychosis” of homelessness is rooted in the stresses of mainstream society;
  7. The New Frontier II: Operation Humanity, the 35 years proposed, yet not accepted, Justiceville national homeless plan resolution.

Perhaps, for the first time, as never before, you will feel empowered with a sense and even a confidence that together, this matter can be resolved; not only locally or nationally, but globally. “Thinking globally, acting locally”

This will be an exciting, hopeful and challenging, yet positively, life altering moment.

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