Private Message To POTUS – National Security Threat of Homelessness, Made Public

[The Threat File]

“Those who hope that the Negro needed to blow off steam and will now be content will have a rude awakening if the nation returns to business as usual. There will be neither rest nor tranquility in America until the Negro is granted his citizenship rights. The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of justice emerges.” [Dr. MLK, Jr. “I Have A Dream”]

Greetings, We the People, Shalom!

Yes! It’s This Serious.

Especially in the darkness of the Corona Covid-19 Virus, which is bringing to light the deadly seriousness of the human-made, economic, financial, social, civic, political stresses of “mainstream” society, domestic, National Security Threat of homelessness.

See My Personal Appeal To The POTUS

Please view and share this once private message to Mr. Donald John  Trump, the Hon. President of the United States of America concerning the National Security Threat of chronic, hardcore, sidewalk encampment, etc., homelessness culture that is near to forcing us to implement draconian, republic destroying, measures.

However, when speaking to the National Security Threat, homelessness itself is not the Threat.

Rather, the Threat is the response of the frightened, general public of We the People, who out of panic will “stampede and stumble” the POTUS (as well as other leading government Servants such as governors, state attorney generals, county supervisors and sheriffs, mayors, city attorneys councils, et al.), into taking fascistic, draconian-like measures, by sending FEMA and dispatching federal National Guard units to collect and quarantine on “adequately” prepared federal and state properties, including decommissioned military bases…all US citizens whom have been forced by mainstream stresses and failed government personnel, to dwell in outlawed public health and safety zones.  Such is the THREAT.  Public fear, frustration and panic.

Since September 5, 2019, seven (7) months ago, when this video was produced and sent to the POTUS, out of the sense of discrete privacy in respect to his person and the Office in which he is consigned by We the People to steward, I kept it private.

However, since that time, the ideals of my team and I have not been heeded by top level White House staff, because as we have continued to request for direct audience with President Trump to prevent this disaster, have been denied.

While we do  respect the Offices of which the staff holds, and do believe in the sincerity of their advice to the President, I contend that they alone are not qualified to determine what is acceptable to the Commander Chief in this matter, because they:

  • …can’t possibly-naturally have empathy with homeless persons, particularly of those whom are black citizens as myself;

Note: This is not a criticism, but rather, an honest observation.

  • …are devoid of the understanding of the merits of the 1866 Civil Rights-14th Amendment Act of the federal, Presidential protected, super citizenship of black citizens, whom being a mere 12% of the national population, are over 60% of the homelessness…which is ironically at the crux of the matter.

Hence, these Presidential advisors are electing to not make such arrangements with the POTUS and my Teams, which is the reason for my open appeal to you,  We the People as the greatest authority to make this occurrence reality.

In Los Angeles, the national homelessness capital, and that of our US Military Veterans, while being 8% & 9% of the city and county general populace, black citizens are respectfully in each, over 40% of the homeless, 90% on Skid Row are black men, et al.

So, this video is me, a American, black descendant of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivor, as well as the nation’s leading Civil Rights-Homelessness resolution activist and foremost lay-scholar on the 14th Amendment, etc….humbly appealing to this white American and most powerful human on earth to heed my entreaties and admonitions on resolving National Security Threat of said homelessness, and subsequent growing fear, even according to the Hebrew Holy Scriptures.

See this video over and over.  Learn its content and intent. Do your Soul-Jahing part in making this now public message to POTUS viral with the hopes that he will see and act upon it.

Thanks and GOD’s blessing be upon us all as advance forward to civility,


[Threat File]

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