Skid Rows or Townships

The New Frontier II: Operation Humanity Featuring Township Option

  • Novel optic of an unprecedented, cross city connection of two world-renown, very distinctly and respectively different cities working in collaboration, due to EMERGENCY-CRISIS nature of homelessness negatively affecting other municipalities throughout the Los Angeles Region

Skid Row and Mini-Skid Rows

Since 1985 (31 years), Los Angeles proper is considered the national capital of homelessness, of which its Central East District is dubbed Skid Row, the Emergency Crisis “ground 0 and black hole vortex”, progenitor of the myriad mini-skid rows though the region.

The National Plan To End Homelessness
New Frontier II: Operation Humanity (NHI: OH), is based on the transitioning procees of Justiceville, the EGIIP (Exodus Genesis Incentive Initiative Plan), and Dome Village, featuring a Township, beginning in Skid Row as the regional, state, national, and global model.

Note: the power of “Think globally, act locally”

A government commissioned and chartered township, consisting of a properly functioning, mixed status population, having all the amenities of a healthy society, i.e., the transplantation of a scale model of a city on former military base.

Note: Stuart B. McKinny – Vento Act, Article 5, Section 8


Ultimate Objective: Presidential Executive Order
Post WWII, the US implemented the Marshal Plan which enable war devastated European nations to be up and functioning within 10-20 years.  Similar ca and must be achieved.

Note: Based on the 14th Amendment-1866 Civil Rights Act, the POTUS issues Emancipation Proclamation-type Executive Order to implement NFII: OH featuring Township option

 Homelessness: Catalyst of Human Rectification and Healing
Resolving homelessness according the NHII: OH featuring Township option, becomes the catalyst by which the maladies in humanity which causes and maintains homelessness, etc, are rectified.

Note: Other than natural disasters, homelessness emanates from mainstream society.  Hence, “Operation Humanity”
Note: “Snake venom is antidote to heal poisonous snake bites.”

Fourteenth Amendment Authority
Section 4, 8, and 9 of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, the progenitor and identifier of 14th Amendment’s Subject Beneficiaries of its’ Section 1.

 Note: Subject Beneficiaries are the freed chattel slaves, refugees, Freemen, coloreds, et al, and their descendant children, today’s US black citizens
Note: Demographics:
Note: Being circa 12% of national population, black citizens are over 60% of homelessness
Note: Being circa 11% of LA city population, from the hotels, SRO’s, shelters, missions, auto, to sidewalks, etc., are black men, huge portion being US Military Veterans; followed by black women and their children, the other ethno-racial demographics.

As such, its’ imperative that POTUS immediately executes the Presidential charge, as it relates to black citizens, the primary means by which he fulfills his oath of office, thereby being Commander In Chief, is also that of Guardian In Chief of the Union republic.

Mainstreaming Is Economic, Physical, Social Impossibility
While 95% of social service programs are successful, upon graduation, their clientele can’t traverse the economic and social gulf between homelessness and mainstream.

Note: Rental and purchasing housing costs leaped 30% in 2016, as homelessness jumped 23%, which is priced way out homeless persons’ reach.

Note: Even people who can afford housing, can’t find in it descent and safe neighborhoods
Note: Region is full to capacity