Strategic Plan Transitioning Off “Streets” Onto Fed Lands For Productive Living

See EGIIP The Summary

The Federal Promised Lands

Article 5, Section 8 of the Stuart B. McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act
All federal surplus properties, including buildings, lands such as inhabitable open range and decommissioned military bases for addressing homelessness

From sidewalks, etc., to geo-physical, chartered townships, etc., wherein is permanent housing, gainful employment, manufacturing and other industries, including those of the digital worlds; including mayors, town managers, city or town councils, law enforcement departments as well as security firms, fire and rescue, etc.

The Justiceville Exodus Genesis Incentive Initiative Plan (EGIIP is four transitional stages, people dwelling houseless and in sidewalk, encampment, etc., homelessness will be transitioned from such conditions into productive livings styles.

Note: This transitioning is necessary, as it serves to transform them out of the various levels and realms of homelessness cultures.  Their thinking becomes that of renewed with 21st Century, “New Frontier II” visionary with great possibilities.  (See

With oversight of certain legal firms, this process begins with a Phase I, after which these persons, even families, under the council-advice and befriending of Domestic Peace Corps Workers (See, et al, will gradually, transition through Phases II & III, into the Fourth.

Phase 4 is federal lands physically transformed or refurbished (employment for qualified individuals) into mixed (i.e., all economic, social class statuses) communities will be developed under the jurisdiction of a chartered townships, villages, etc.,

Essentially, non permanent, transferable structures in mixed, community settings, such as Dome Village, as discussed in the JSAP V. Action Requests  and  Unified Action Plan (JSAP revised) will serve as a sort human “vacuum” cleaner, drawing persons off the “streets” into safe-secure, receptive-trusting environment, where they will be medically, and otherwise attended to, thereby decompressing from their traumatic experiences.

Note: These and all such structures are temporarily deployed on vacant lots, etc., in areas where local residents are supportive, with full and legal-contractual control over the duration of its existence…, not less than two (2), nor exceeding three (3) years.

Note: This Phase is only the slow beginning of a progressively, transforming processes, primarily in the psychosis of the participants!

“The joint signatories call for the creation of new facilities or restructuring of appropriate existing facilities to encourage the Homeless to exchange street living for more attractive, dignified and medically sound alternatives; bearing in mind at all times the need for protection of the rights and dignity of the Homeless and of other neighborhood residents generally.

These alternative living facilities or communities will be inspired or patterned after pilot projects such as Dome Village, Los Angeles, or other examples; first as local models, then as an integral part of the recommended national strategy.”

Note: Whether homeless or simply unemployed but not houseless, “Qualified individuals” who could gain said employment, with all medical, mental-emotional, dental benefits, including injury and life insurances, et al…even eventual housing at the new community township.

 Upon Graduating First Three Transitional Phases, the following will occur:

A.  Obtained-earned permanent residence in affordable, self-sustaining housing types, whether traditional or innovative, even that which may be experimental;

B.  Gained permanent livable & gainful employment,with advancement opportunities, including careers in business, as well as discovering entrepreneur opportunities

C. Along with many other advancement benefits…

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