Talking Points

“Peace On Earth, Good Will Towards Humanity”
Unprecedented Sacred Rally

“Sacred”, because of the millions of lives that were sacrificed between 1914 and 1920
“Unprecedented”, because its not a protest, but rather, a proactive demonstration of Love, Peace and Good Will.

  1. This event is not a protest gathering against anyone, including the so called 1%ers; mega and glob al corporations, or any partisan right, left, central political entity and their respective ideologies, religion, movement, nor their participants and/or leading representatives; nor race, ethnicity or nationality; nor class status from the so called 1%ers to homeless; nor geopolitical domestic and foreign national governments and even their militaries, etc.
  2. This event is a demonstration of making and maintaining love, peace and good will, civility towards all humanity equally and justly, which is why all individuals, groups, even mutually belligerents are welcomed to participate.
  3.  Theme: The 1914 World War I Christmas Truce conducted by mutually belligerent “enemy” trench soldiers of Germany, France, England, Belgium et al.

Note:  This Christmas 2018 is the 104 th anniversary of the Truce.

Note: The theme song is “Silent Night, Holy Night” and the motto is “Live and let live”

Note:   We, today, owe it to those courageous men and boys whom tried to end the “war to end all wars” but was denied by the military generals and the weapons manufacturers, and the leaders were executed for insubordination.  We intend to finish what they started.

Note: All military personnel of all countries, particular combatants, are actually the first victims of war, then civilian non combatants.

Note: War is the dysfunction of all facets of societies to maintain civil order and peace among its citizenry

4.  This event is taking place on Saturday, November 17, 2018 from 10:30 AM until 2:30 PM at the Los Angeles City Hall South Lawn, location is, 200 N. Main Street, between Main, First, and Spring.

5.  This event is a foundation platform from which we conduct a year long campaign to prepare for next year’s November 17, 2019, six (6) days post the US Presidential Military Parade on November 11,1019, the US National Veterans’ Day, as well as the 101st Commemoration of the Armistice Day, which is the signing of the Treaty that ended World War I

Note: WWI slaughtered circa 23,000,000 million human beings, that being 9,000,000 were military combatants, whereas, 10,000,000 were civilians; plus millions more wounded mentally as well physically

6.  Ironically, beginning in January 1918, the H1N1 Influenza virus broke out lasting circa two (2) years, killing between 50,000,000 to 100,000,000 human beings, wounded many more.