The Four (4) Transitional Phases of the E.G.I.I.P

Dome  Village
[November 1993 – November 2007]
(downtown Los Angeles east of 110 Frwy S, between 8th and 9th Sts)

E.G.I.I.P is the Exodus, Genesis, Incentive, Initiative Plan

Phase I: Intake or Initial Entry
This first and initial phase of the NHP serves as “vacuum cleaner”, by which Dome Villages are erected in various welcoming neighborhoods on temporary basis, will take in homeless persons as a triage center.

Here, the participants will experience safety, be fed healthy, nourishing foods, rest, store their personal belongings, etc.

This phase will last approximately one (1) month, allowing time for trust to develop in participant.

After staff evaluation, participants are transitioned to Phase II.

Phase II: Evaluation
Participants is transitioned to larger, more permanent village for further evaluation, substance rehabilitation; psychological evaluations in education, skills, talents, and desires, whereby customized programming will be implemented to determine ultimate direction upon completion of transition.

Note: During this phase, participants will be advised and self-determine as to whether they seek return or first time entry into the “mainstream” of society, or, rather go on to the planned township at the end of phase three (3).

After Phase II, which could last several months, depending on aptitude, participants will be transitioned to Phase III

Phase III: Re-socialization
At this phase, participant will go through processes of re-socialization in society by participating in local community activities where a temporary, smaller dome village will be located.

Phase IV: Entry Into New Existence
Depending on the determination of Phase II, participants will either enter the chartered township option or return to “mainstream”.