One Generation: Hill Side Curve

There is no such thing as the “generation gap”,
but rather, that of  communication.

Lyfted: Rise of the Millennials | Who We Are!

From the youngest human being to the most senior, we together, are ONE Generation-One Love of GOD the Creator of all that there is.

A generation is like the upward curve of a mountain side, whereby, from bottom to top, all of its age groups are represented, being the youngest at the bottom, with the eldest at the top, even ridge.

Naturally, the higher, elder people can back behind them, down and the generation mountain side over and to “flat or valley lands” of the past, but are unable to see up, over into the future, and therefore, can’t know the what beyond its ridge where the most senior stand.

Those on the lower age group levels of the generation mountain are dependent upon on the back or past-sights and forward encouragement of a hopeful future from those their seniors, whom are higher up its sides.

Therefore, if the more elder groups, whom are further up the mountain, including those most senior that are standing on the ridge looking over and down the other side into the future land, the younger are influenced by the positive and/or negative attitudes projected back and down upon them.

Note: Each generation has been condemned by the elder, as being lazy, crazy, or hopeless, etc., failing to understand, and accept the reality fact, they these younger ones are their direct production.

The day of this insanity is not coming to  sudden, and hope for close, and is being replace by a new beginning, which is unprecedented in recorded world history.