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The 4 Step Process of the New Frontier II: Operation Humanity Delegation

As the USA is traditionally a purported, Judaic-Christian nation, this is the spiritual allegory and metaphor of The Exodus, the Wilderness (transition process), Promised Land To
“Let My People GO”

The government(s) of the federal, state, county and municipal metaphorically and allegorically equates, the Biblical (Hebrew Holy Scriptures) “Pharaoh” in “Egypt” that the GOD-HaShem of Abraham, is granting a decision to either integrate or absorb into society, the children of Israel, its commercial outcasts, yet economic assets; or let them go into the wilderness that leads to their GOD- Promised Land.

Being that Pharaoh refused, or was unable to absorb Abraham’s seed into equal and equitable citizenship with the citizens of Egypt, but is rather keeping them in bondage for economic purposes, GOD deems that they should be allowed to go free…or else.

Ending the Homelessness Industrial Complex (HIC)
It is the intent of the New Frontier II: Operation Humanity (NF2:OH), the “Moses”, to move the government-Pharaoh to free the homeless-outcasts from the bondage of chattel homelessness which provides lucrative economic and political means to certain citizens of society, that they may “journey” into the “wilderness” to serve their GOD, that is, become the leading-example human beings that HE intends for all humanity.

Therefore, “Moses” is taking the message of humanity’s Creator to Pharaoh, that he is to free the homeless outcast, i.e., “Tell Pharaoh, to “Let MY People GO…that they may come to serve ME”, i.e., become productive citizens in society.

Essentially, for those whom are Christian oriented, NF2:OH is a rescue mission of GOD’s beloved Son.

Note: “MY people” equates that in the Bible (New Testament section of Mathew 25:31-46), the Son of GOD, that is, Jesus Christ-Yeshua Mishyach, equates Himself with the outcasts-homeless, etc., saying, “In as much as you have done it to the least of one of these My brethren, you have done it to Me.”

Here are the four steps of the “Moses” delegation to the “Pharaoh” to let Jesus-Yeshua go free.

  1. Pre-step is to meet with and enlist the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
  2. “Pharoah” – Mayor of Los Angeles, the Hon. Eric Garcetti, whom happens be a Jew (Moreno-Spanish), and gives him the message of GOD-HaShem.
  3. With Mayor leading as “Moses”, he, enlist LA County Board of Supervisors, focusing on Supervisor the Hon. Mark Wridley-Thomas, whom happens to be black, i.e., descendant of the chattel slaves-Jim Crow survivor, et al.
  4. State Legislature – As Los Angeles City and County, it also has declared homelessness an EMERGENCY-Crisis.
  5. The Governor – Though correctly refuses to make EMERGENCY-Crisis declaration for fear that California cities and counties will demand more money, meaning that States will have to go DC for it.  NF2:OH doesn’t require, nor seeks any public funding, city, county, state, nor federal, but rather, via Presidential influences, desires business INVESTMENTS.

The Travesty of Black Citizens Disproportion
Being a mere 9% of the general city population, in “ground 0”, that is, Central City East, dubbed Skid Row, of Los Angeles, the homelessness capital of the USA, and comparably, that of the world, from the hotels, SRO’s, shelters and missions, to the sidewalks, circa 90% of the homeless population are BLACK MEN, followed by BLACK WOMEN and THEIR CHILDREN, then a mix of other ethnic demographics.

Note: Being only 12% of the national population, black lives, i.e., chattel slave descendants et al, are circa 60% of the homeless. It is incumbent, even imperative that Mr. Wridley-Thomas enjoin himself with this venture.

Note: Such lopsided statistics, homelessness is primarily a Civil Rights, as well as an international human rights matter, and one that appears to be another “white citizens” racial suppression of black lives.

The Four California State Governments Collaboration
In collaboration with the City of Los Angeles, the Board of Supervisors, and the California State Assembly, enjoins the governor, the Hon. Jerry Brown, who also believes that black lives do matter.

Homelessness: State of Emergency – Governor Refuses the Critical Declaration
The City and County of Los Angeles, along with the California State Assembly has declared the homelessness crisis, EMERGENCY, yet the Hon. Governor, Mr. Jerry Brown refuses to so.

Apparently, the reason that Mr. Brown refuses to join the county and State Assembly in declaring statewide EMERGENCY, is his correct concern that the counties will simply demand more state funding of which history reveals actually exacerbates homelessness.

Note: Good news for governor:
As NFII:OH doesn’t require state, county, municipal, or federal tax funding, the governor can join our reasonable, non-financial request to the POTUS.

By the lead of LA Mayor, backed by Supervisors and governor, audience with POTUS Donald John Trump, the primary “Pharaoh” , who promised “African-Americans”, i.e., black, US citizens that he will help them, even as their second Abraham Lincoln, to meet the request of “Let MY people Go”

The Role of POTUS Pharaoh
Remember, initially, there is no need to give “Pharaoh” on any level the detailed plans of budgetary, program and timeline matters, but rather, it is incumbent upon him to respond by accepting the following:

  1. Admit that for various reasons and after expenditure of billions of dollars to no avail, he won’t and can’t integrate-absorb the outcasts, i.e., US citizens of chattel homelessness into the “mainstreams” of society;
  2. That as a result of “Pharaoh’s” inability to no longer keep and hold homeless US citizens in the bondage of chattel slavery, dwelling on sidewalks in ways that he won’t allow pet animals to live;
  3. Instead, “Pharaoh” must now, accept the reality that it is time to “Let MY People go” by the national, “Marshal Plan”-like initiative plan and strategy which accomplishes the following;
  4. lead-transition them off of the filthy, sidewalks and other dehumanizing conditions of chattel homelessness;

    The bacteria levels on the sidewalks of Skid Row is 12 times higher than any others in the US
  5. …through a transforming “wilderness” journey, which is Phase II of the Justiceville National Homeless Plan (NHP) into a “Promised Land” existence where they can be part of thriving, prosperous, “mixed multitude” chattered community.

NF2:OH – “Moses” Isn’t A Social Service Provider
Further, as our plan is one of creating and developing a global beginning in “ground 0” of the national and world capital of homelessness, i.e., downtown Los Angeles, the NF2:OH must at all cost avoid becoming another, successful, social service provider.

We must stay focused on point to move “Pharaoh” to first and foremost give the command to “Let HIS people go”, whereby the personnel and resources will be drawn to us to traverse the “wilderness” into the “Promised Land”.

Thanks for your consideration, participation and leadership


Agape-Shalom~Tikkun Olam!
Agape = Greek – GOD LOVE
Shalom = Hebrew – Peace
Tikkun = Hebrew – Healing
Olam = Hebrew – Universe/World