The Virus/Homelessness: Into Militaristic Fascism Part II

[See The Virus: America’s Stumble Part I] (The File)

Homeless US Citizens and The Virus|
America’s Panic Intoxicated Stagger, Unintentional, But Avoidable Stumble Into Military Fascism

“Shame On US We The People, If We Consent To Let It Happen”
As Their Posterity, We Will Have Failed The Blessings of Liberty They Established For Us

The Great Notices
With the calls for self
quarantining, sheltering in place, social distancing, isolating at home, curfew, etc., tens of thousands of the “visible”, including the “invisible” which far outnumbers the former, 95%-98% of the homeless/houseless citizens will not and/or are ignorantly and innocently unable to comply with them in the neighborhood-community effort.  Either way, there continued presence remains a, perhaps, the major threat.

Even though the President has done remarkably well in addressing the needs of the “forgotten” Americans, economically etc., it seems however, that at peril to the National Security of the republic, one group of Americans are dangerously ignored.

These truly forgotten ones are the so called homeless/houseless persons, especially black citizens, whom are the predominance of the homelessness/houselessness populations.

Such is a blatantly oversight, thereby contradiction of President Trumps’ bold and courageous promises to us black citizens, whom according to the 1866 Civil Rights (The Act)-14th Amendment Act of our federal, super citizenship which under the safeguarded, direct jurisdiction of the Executive Branch, whereby as Commander in Chief, the President of the United Sates (POTUS) personally enforces their/our “equal justice/protection under the law” to be experienced “as is enjoyed by white citizens” according to Section 1 of The Act.

On the other “hand”, perhaps, the homeless-houseless populations are indeed not forgotten, but plans have been laid for decades…the sudden, present situation being the “perfect storm” to implement them, among other “benefits, rid society of them.

The Options
Obviously impossible for said US citizens to comply with the directives of the governments (municipal, county, state and federal) concerning the present (as there will be more to come) Virus threat, the following options are in the making:

  1. Continue to bus such citizens to the permanent-fixed, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Open-Room, LA Bridge Shelter-housing, the Cold Wet Weather Shelter programs, and community centers for temporary usage, etc.,A. Siting within six feet on the buses, sleeping and/or dwelling in open room facilities violates the governments “social distancing” decrees, as well as all the others of public health and safety.
    B. Such government sanctioned violations appears to be deliberate, as it will likely cause an outbreak contagion, thereby granting excuse to collect and concentrate the tens of thousands of both “visible” and “invisible” citizens of the homelessness-houselessness culture(s) – lifestyle(s) 
  2. Such action would include employing large spaces where individual, not open room dwelling structures, i.e., domes, shipping containers, tiny houses, etc., can be rapidly constructed, either in vacant lots(parking, etc.) within the urban centers, or outside of such, on municipal, county, state and/or federal lands, including decommissioned military bases;
  3. When the collection of said homeless persons begins, it would be foolish to do so without first testing each individual for the Virus, lest those whom are infected will spread it among others whom are not, due to the close quarters by which they are collect on buses, vans, etc., and housed in the open room shelters.

4. Post the Virus threat, and the “rescue the homeless” program, having no exodus from the internment into productive living…elsewhere as proposed by Justiceville, the homeless-houseless inmates will not be released from the “health and safety” facilities  More than the virus itself or homelessness, this is the greatest threat to the republics’ National Security.

Note: Apparently, unless the inmates can prove or demonstrate the ability to self sustain back in society or have support systems, perhaps, family, obviously they can be release back to the streets to repeat the dangers, even those before this present virus threat.

5. Being that such persons can’t leave facility indefinitely, government has stumbled into the “CCI” words of Concentration or Containment or Internment Camps, hence, Constitutional violation, and even anti-black racism, in that their/our Civil Rights of citizenship has been destroyed, thereby ending the Republic, and loosing the Union.

Proposed Remedy
Therefore, immediately, via the White House, US Interagency Council On Homelessness (USICH) implement the Justiceville “New Frontier II: Operation Humanity” strategic national plan which has been advocated long before the virus threat, which had it been implemented, the present, most dangerous nation-threatening crisis around homelessness would not exist.

Furthermore, as this won’t be last such virus attacks, we must now take the offensive strategy to plan on exodus and entry strategy for the future, because still remaining are the same conditions throughout neighborhoods that existed before this threat.

[See The Virus: America’s Stumble Part I]  (The File)

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