Homelessness and the Authority – Power…of the 14th Amendment

 Knowing, understanding, invoking, implementing and executing the power and authority of the 14th Amendment is imperative to actualizing the ultimate objective of the New Frontier II: Operation Humanity (NF2:OH)

The Four Step Process of the We the People to implement the New Frontier: Operation Humanity objective, beginning first with the Mayor of Los Angeles; second, to the Board of Supervisors; third, the CA governor; and fourth, the President of the United States.

Federal Authority and Power
Listed, is the federal power and authority demonstrating the high level of commitment that the Constitution orders to government officials to full enforcement of the laws pertaining to the sacred matter of American black lives, and which guarantees their special protections and benefits

1Citizenship i.e., Declaration of Independence citizenship rights; “as is enjoyed by white citizens”, via US Constitution, Article I, Section 8;

2.  Stern warning – according to Section 2 of The Act is that all federal government officials, including the POTUS, Members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices as well as those of the respective bureaucracies who violates and rebels against the mandates of Section 1, are to be arrested, prosecuted, if found guilty punished accordingly; Note —

 “…any person who, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, shall subject, or cause to be subjected, any inhabitant of any State or Territory to the deprivation of any right secured or protected by this actshall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction, shall be punished by fine…or imprisonment…or both, in the discretion of the court.

Note: Section 3 stipulates that the District, Circuit courts along with specially appointed commissions to defend Section 1, and not conduct arbitration trials

“…That the district courts of the United States, within their respective districts, shall have, exclusively of the courts of the several States, cognizance of all crimes and offences committed against the provisions of this Act, and also, concurrently with the circuit courts of the United States, of all causes, civil and criminal, affecting persons who are denied or cannot enforce in the courts or judicial tribunals of the State or locality where they may be any of the rights secured to them by the first section of this Act;…shall be extended to and govern said courts in the trial and disposition of such cause, and, if of a criminal nature, in the infliction of punishment on the party found guilty.

3. According the mandates of Section 4, Marshals, deputy marshals, attorney generals, special Presidential officers and those of the *Freedmen’s Bureau, are to enforce Section 1;

Note: It is necessary to revive the Freedmen’s Bureau, which is under the direct jurisdiction, protectorate, guardianship of the US military, i.e., the Pentagon via the Presidency

5. Section 4 authorizes the aforementioned personnel in Section 3, to summons the US military, etc,

6. The President is specifically singled out three (3) times to act on behalf of the Subject Beneficiaries of Section 1, they being also three (3),

A.  Section 3 – designating special officers –

“…and every other officer who may be specially empowered by the President of the United States, shall be, and they are hereby, specially authorized and required to institute proceedings against all and every person who shall violate the provisions of this Act, and cause him or them to be arrested and imprisoned, or bailed, as the case may be, for trial before such court of the United States or territorial court as by this Act has cognizance of the offense.”

     B.  Section 8 – when made aware of violations, POTUS takes appropriated actions at his discretion

“whenever the President of the United States shall have reason to believe that offenses have been or are likely to be committed against the provisions of this act… it shall be lawful for him, in his discretion, to direct the judge, marshal, and district attorney of such…for the purpose of the more speedy arrest and trial of persons charged with a violation of this act;”

     C. Section 9 – commands the POTUS to deploy the US military.

“That it shall be lawful for the President of the United States, or such person as he may empower for that purpose, to employ such part of the land or naval forces of the United States, or of the militia, as shall be necessary to prevent the violation and enforce the due execution of this act.”

7. The Supreme Court is also ordered by Section Ted (10) to defend Section 1 as well…

“…That upon all questions of law arising in any cause under the provisions of this act, a final appeal may be taken to the Supreme Court of the United States.

This most important law on behalf of American, US black citizens, must be the authority and power by which we approach the government from municipalities, counties, states and the federal, especially the presidency.