Executive Orders: President,Truman’s Marshal – MacArthur Plans: Post World War II

 This is POTUS, Harry S. Truman
He Issued Executive Order To Rebuild Europe and Japan, etc.

At the end of World War II (US involvement – 1941-1945), won by the allied military forces against those of German Nazi, Italian Fascist, Japanese Imperialist, by whereby the societal and physical infrastructures of Europe, Japan and the various parts of east Asian Pacific nations, such as the Philippines were totally devastated, causing tens of millions refugees and homeless, the President of the United States (POTUS), the Hon. Harry S. Truman, issued the Marshall and McArthur Plans to rebuild them.

Within ten (10) to twenty (20) years, these nations and regions of the devastated world was rebuilt and successfully functioning, particularly Germany and Japan, ironically, the primary culprits of the war.

The two main incentives for such great and rapid work were two, they are: 1.) Humanitarian mercy; and 2.) a practical tool for preventing the spread of soviet communism throughout Europe and Asia.

The New Frontier 2: Operation Humanity (NF2:OH), is simply a Marshall Plan – type, Presidential, Executive Order to end homelessness within the United States in a designated period of time.

We reason that as the USA did for foreign nations, so must it immediately and expeditiously do domestically.

Google research “The Marshall Plan” and “The McArthur Plan”

Note: Mr. George C. (Catlett) Marshall, for whom the European plan was named, was the Army General, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of US military during the war, who post it, became the Secretary of State, whereby he followed the POTUS directive of devising and implementing a plan to restore Europe, even making it better.

Note: Army General, Douglas McArthur, the supreme allied commander in the Pacific theater of the war, post it, became Japans’ military governor and devised the plan to restore it as Marshall was doing in Europe.