The Virus: Federal, Black Super Citizens – Final Alarms Part II

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The ADOS-ADOcS Super Citizens Speaking On It
The Great and Perhaps, FINAL ALARM: [II] Narrative
WARNED – Skid Row, Los Angeles Mid 1990’s

“Self Quarantine, Shelter In Place, Physical Social Distance, Stay At Home”
[Government Orders]

In the Name of Public Health and Safety Black Citizens Are Once Again Facing Another Betrayal

Since 1985, this once preventable, tragic National Security Threat situation has been warned about and admonished on its prevention for the last 35 years by Ted Hayes, America’s leading Civil Rights and Homelessness resolution activist, and foremost lay-scholar on the 1866-68 Civil Rights Act – 14th Amendment federal super citizenship of black citizens.

Due to the established authorities in government (municipal, county, state, federal) and private sectors including clergy, social services and business entities consistent rejection of his person, therefore the messages that he has brought, our country is now in a sudden, surprise situation.

While not being insensitive to general homeless-houseless populations, in light of the overwhelming statistics of disproportion of black homelessness, naturally ADOS-ACOcS is extremely concerned and alarmed about the prospects facing us as a people, as this matter is ultimate statement of our forced, unwilling 401 years of continuous, unrequited injustice existence in this land.

Even since our ancestors were liberated in 1865 from 245 years of chattel slavery, the US Congress enacted of the 1866-68 Civil Rights Act-14th Amendment to rectify the generations-destroying injustice, their succeeding descendant children have never been able to access power to our benefit as the Sacred Law’s Subject Beneficiaries.

Such inability is due to the Black Codes, the Jim Crow laws, resultant of the 1877 Democratic-Republican Parties Compromise betrayal of black citizens; domestic terrorism of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), massive illiteracy of our freed ancestors and fore parents, as well as other conflicting matters within ourselves to this present day.

The Concern
While it’s understood that quarantining is a viable approach to fighting the virus, either by staying at home, or within certain designated locals, the homeless-houseless populations are devoid of such opportunity, which is remincient of the Mediterranean fruit fly out break in Southern California, in which residents were told to take cover with their domestic pets inside their houses-homes and to cover all outdoor furniture to be protected from overhead malathion spraying.

The question was: “Where do the homeless-houseless retreat for cover with their pets and belongings?” See attached LA Times news article

As such US citizens can’t possibly participate in self quarantining and taking the recommended, prevention, hygienic measures, they are vulnerable to the contagion, and being transient in nature are the most serious threat to the general public.

 Hence, government with growing support from the general public, in the name of public health and safety, FEMA and National Guard will be deployed to deal the massive numbers of US citizens scattered throughout the urban, suburban and towns, even rural communities and taking them to prepared facilities on state and federal properties, including decommissioned military bases.

While such action may now be necessary, as our peoples and nation’s vanguard movement ADOS-ADOcS declares without an exit plan and strategy as to where these citizens will go when the virus is passed, is unconstitutional, even classist and racist against those whom are black, as it violates their/our Civil Rights of 14th Amendment federal citizenship.

Therefore, as super citizens, we claim our rightful place of refuge and protection under the direct jurisdiction of the Executive Branch to heed act upon our wishes and expectations.

“Now is the time…the fierce urgency now” is upon us.

[See Final Alarms Part I]

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