Venice Beach Initiative: Ted’s Idea – Common Ground Truce

To Unify All Factions For and Against Bridge Shelter Housing (BSH) @ MTA Lot, Et al,
Into A Cohesive Body Politic In According To The Prophetic 1999 JSAP of the Law Enforcement Working Group

“We can’t resolve the homelessness crisis…alone. While law enforcement can assist, it’s the sworn, dutiful responsibility of your elected officials.” LAPD Chief Moore (Thursday, November 29, 2018 Venice Town Hall)

The law enforcement departments can not, should not attempt and must not, spend the time learning and training to resolve, chronic, sidewalk, beach front, public-park, etc., encampment homelessness, among many sensible reasons, primarily because, such is not within their jurisdictional purview, rather being funded by the tax payers specifically to protect their lives and property.

To strap law enforcement into resolving homelessness is a social, apocalyptic disaster in the making, i.e., total breakdown of society, as stated in the JSAP Preamble section saying,

“Further, the absence of a unified, comprehensive national strategy has cast police and prosecutors in the reluctant capacity of surrogate social workers and mental health experts, a role far removed from the original mission of community law enforcement;

Because of the heavy concentration of Homeless people in urban centers, police officers are regularly placed in the frustrating position of direct and constant confrontation with Homeless persons on the streets.

Neither the law, the community, nor the Homeless, are served by perpetuating this dilemma.”

Insistence that law enforcement abandon their jurisdictional duties to resolve homelessness would dangerously lead to potential police state.

Without doubt, most Venetians resident, as well those throughout the city-county of Los Angeles, are concerned about homelessness and the state of the people entrapped within it, and they want to see resolved as demonstrate by the voters approval of Measures H and HHH.

While there many and varied points of views as to how the “homeless problem” should be humanely resolved, even raising levels of anger tensions between neighbors, it’s imperative that they/we find win-win-win common ground.

Therefore, the following formula is proposed whereby all faction are in agreement

The Common Ground Uniting Formula: WTP +  LLE + EO + FG + POTUS = Resolution via the US Constitution 14th Amendment-1866 Civil Rights Act (14thA-1866CRA), based on the disproportion of black citizens homelessness.

WTP – We the People
LLE – Law Enforcement
EO – Elected Officials
FG – Federal Government
WH – POTUS – President of the United States
RE – Resolution via 14thA-1866CRA

Points of Common Ground Unity
All factions
want said homelessness resolved whether for selfish or altruistic reasons, understandably look to law enforcement resolutions

  1. Law enforcement correctly sends factions to elected officials, as voters to present demands

Note: Recognizing the lack of proper, local resources, i.e., funds, facilities – lands and buildings, personnel, etc., law enforcement correctly points to elected official.

Note: Most correctly, resolving homelessness is not within the jurisdiction purview of law enforcement is

  1. The most responsible and powerful elected official is the President of the United States (POTUS)
    Demanded, expected and led by We the People according to the US Constitution united with the sentiments the LAPD and all other respective law enforcement departments, including their representative, governing jurisdictions, according to JASP, V. Scope of the  Project, F stating
                               F. Arrange a joint visit to the President of the USA to make a formal request for Federal action.