Virus/Homelessness: MILITARISTIC FASCISM, Part I

The Virus/Homelessness: MILITARISTIC FASCISM – Our PANICKED Stumble Part I

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Homeless US Citizens and The Novel, Chinese, Wuhan, Corona CVID-19 Virus
America’s Intoxicated, Stagger, Unintentional, Panicked, and Regrettable
Stumble Into Military Fascism

Shame On US, “We The People” If We Consent To Let It Happen, Especially When I Could Have Been Avoided
As Their Posterity, Will Have Failed The Blessings of Liberty That Our Founding Established For Us

Dating back to 1985, some 35 years ago, Justiceville noted, warned, predicted and admonished, that if its Strategic National Policy and Plan were not implemented, that the chronic, sidewalk, encampment, etc., homelessness culture populations would expand throughout the LA region and nationwide.

Therefore, given that the “mainstream” society’s, high cost of rental housing, as well as daily expenses for living, rejects the return of US citizens fallen and entrapped in the outlawed zones of public health and safety,, subsequently, in an ironic reversal twist of “defense of necessity”, government Servants will eventually be forced  to dispatch FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) along with military might arrest-intern-confine them into “protective” facilities.

Knowing that economic reality, plus over population of urban centers, it appears that certain authorities have always been expecting and preparing for the day in which, in the name of “public health and safety”, they can finally  and legitimately-morally rid residential and retail commercial neighborhoods/communities of the homelessness-houselessness populations without guilt for t heir unjust action, as it can and would be understandably accepted by all, including most of the victims thereof.

This government action would both minimize the virus threat, as well as finally rid communities and neighborhoods of the “homeless problem”, hence, “killing two birds with one stone”.

The Great Question Remains:
With the calls for self quarantining, sheltering in place, social distancing, isolating at home, etc., the homeless/houseless citizens are literally and obviously unable to participate in the hygienic practices.

Even though the President has done remarkably well in addressing the needs of the “forgotten” Americans, economically etc., it seems however, that at peril to the National Security of the republic, the homeless/houseless citizens are dangerously ignored.

Of these truly forgotten persons, black citizens are the predominance of the homelessness/houselessness populations, which is a blatant violation of their Civil Rights, therefore not a cause for more housing and social service programs, but one of justice.

Such “flies in the face” of President Trumps’ bold and courageous promises to them/us black citizens whom, according to the 1866 Civil Rights-14th Amendment Act of our federal, super citizenship under the direct jurisdiction of the Executive Branch, having the personal, safe-guardianship of the President being Commander in Chief enforcing their/our “equal justice/protection under the law”.

On the other “hand”, perhaps, the homeless-houseless populations are indeed not forgotten, but plans were already laid decades ago with the present being the “perfect storm” to implement a strategy that does indeed, among other things, rid society of them.  In this case being illegal, immoral and anti-black racist…being the brunt of the Virus panic.

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