We the Peoples’ Justice-Peace Force [In LOVE]

The Force of We the People

Summons and Empowers You To The Justice-Peace “War” of the Ages

We the People Force “Soul Power” [non tactile] of the Union of 50 Sovereign States and Territories, Republican Form of Government (Article 4, Sec 4) Nation Under GOD, Whose objective is:

Operation: Surround The White House/Capture the Oval Office, Exploiting the Power of the Federal Executive Branch, being the Presidency as Chief Executive Offer and Commander in Chief of the Military Armed Forces.

Our “firepower” force is endowed by the Declaration of Independence, the First enacted law, enforced by US Constitutional Authority and Powers of the 1866 Civil Rights 14th Amendment Act of the black super citizenship of black citizens, descendants of the chattel slaves, et al.

[Metaphor] As the invisible power of black holes, the presence of black matter and its energy which holds in order, the structure of all celestial bodies in the known universe; so it is with this heretofore, little known “invisible”, supreme Law of this Northern American Land whose essence contains all the critical matter of the Republican Form of Government under GOD, for all of its We the People citizens, regardless of ethno-racial diveresness thereof, the Orvu Nordu Seclurum (New Order of the Ages) as opposed to  the “Antiquus Ordu Seclurum (Old Order of the Ages). 

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village, town, township, city, county, state, natio


Hobby or sport:

What is your understanding of homelessness?
Why are and where did you become interested in the homelessness/houselessness matter?
Have you ever given to a said homeless person, or contributed to an organization dealing with it?

If GOD gave you all the authority and power in the universe to rectify the critical matter of global homelessness, beginning with downtown Los Angeles, what would you do?

Then build a movement around you, even begin your own Face Book, Instagram, You Tube, etc., as you will have the foremost understanding of the matter, and being on, i.e., becoming the “cutting edge” and “frontline”. [2:00 pm PCT in taken]


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