Introduction: Who We Are!

We are an all partisan inclusive, civilian citizen-based movement and organization of volunteers focused on ending chronic, hardcore, sidewalk, encampment homelessness beginning with Los Angeles, USA as national and subsequently global model, i.e., “Think globally.  Act locally!”

We Are Utilizing Such A Societal Travesty As Catalyst To Rectify Certain Generations-destroying Maladies Resident Within Our Collective Human Nature Which Inordinately Craves Power For Economic, Social, Political, Civic, Ethnic, Religious and Military Gain That Subsequently Generates and Maintains Homelessness…Hence, the Homelessness Industrial Complex (HIC)

Regardless of political or religious affiliations, as well as ethnicity and nationalities, all US citizens are invited, encouraged and welcomed to participate in whatever way they can in the NF2:OH objective, as it’s about saving humanity from itself.

This dynamic is due to the reality that it is naturally, and insanely impossible to humanely eradicate the general public threat of homelessness apart from the ideals, plans and strategies of the John F. Kennedy (POTUS) inspired, New Frontier II: Operation Humanity (NF2:OH), whereby we think globally, and act locally.

As with the late POTUS, Kennedy recognized that it would take Presidential influence or edict to draw the “Yankee Ingenuity” intelligence to create the necessary technology to successfully make the moonshot within ten (10) years, so it must be with the present President.

We call for and expect to receive that kind of Presidential authority to launch the ideals of the New Frontier 2: Operation Humanity, National Plan to End Homelessness.

The Marshall and McArthur Plans
Indeed, as with the POTUS Harry S. Truman, who was a Democrat ordered the post WWII Secretary of State, former Army General, Chairman of the US Military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff during the war, to rebuild Europe and General Douglas McArthur, the Supreme Commander of the allied forces in its Pacific theater, to rebuild Japan, and other devastated, Pacific Asian nations, both being Republican.

To continue apply the same measures of not just recent decades of addressing humanity at its worst levels, in terms of homelessness, but most importantly, ever since our development of human civilization over the last circa 6,000 recorded, inscribed-written, world history, expecting  to resolve this injustice to ourselves, is historically proven insanity.

Such is particularly, as well as patently poignant of urban and suburban regions of the earth, including refugee camps, where most of us dwell in overcrowded, physically and mentally, unhealthy environments, causing civic, societal, political, ethnic, religious, competitive group (outlaw gangs) chaos.

Therefore, for the sake of future generations, we now abandon the self-fulfilling, prophecy of doom to “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die”; but rather, in the power of love, embrace the banner of hope being hoisted at the top of this generations “hill” of destiny, rallying us to the great, epic, and noble cause of reconciliation of humanity and GOD, as we are born to be.

By the transformation of how, in the sight of GOD, et al, we think about ourselves as human beings, via those of whom are homeless, and our societies  (politically, economically, socially, civilly, and religiously), which have driven the most vulnerable of us into an outlaw existence at its outer edges, we can then rectify the maladies that causes and maintains homelessness.

As our catalyst, we’re implementing the homelessness Marshall Plan, to be executed by US Presidential Executive Order, entitled, The New Frontier 2: Operation Humanity…defined