Czar Index: Homeless Campaign and Letters To LA Mayor & Elected Officials

[The draft letter to the Hon. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti]

To humanely combat and defeat the city’s persistent and lingering government declared homelessness, EMERGENCY crisis, LA City Attorney, Mike Feuer says,

“Voters of Los Angeles deserve effective, effective-driven, accountable, even impatient leadership on homelessness that is both focused and empowered to make things happen; and that doesn’t let up until tangible signs of progress are as prevalent as the encampments across our city.”


Greetings everyone, Shalom!

Please see below Index of this campaign.  We request that you immediately add your signature & address then send the letters in the links below to the following elected officials: Los Angeles Mayor the Hon. Eric Garcetti,  LA City Attorney, the Hon. Mike Feuer, including California Governor, the Hon. Edmund G. Brown, Jr. and Governor-elect, the Hon. Gavin Newsom.  Also, please do follow up with a phone call to each requesting an answer.  Stay on it until you receive a response by email or phone call.

Note: Even if you are not an LA resident nor that of California, you are still qualified and urged to send these letters, because the “local” homelessness EMERGENCY crisis in this world-class city and state is actually a national issue when you consider the following:

  1.  LA contains the highest numbers of homeless persons of any city in the United States, making it our country’s homelessness “capital”.

2..On a daily basis, LA continues to receive new indigent & homeless individuals from other government jurisdictions both within nearby cities and counties of CA, as well as those from other states throughout the country via the following channels:

A.  migration to this region for the obvious reasons – temperate climate and available social welfare programs and;

B.  “Greyhound therapy”, which is the term used to describe instances when officials of other governmental jurisdictions give their “failed” cases one-way tickets to LA and other such more hospitable places like Hawaii, i.e., “Jet therapy”

To put it simply, Los Angeles is a homelessness vortex.

Educating yourself on this matter and signing & sending these letters is likely a far better, more exciting, and potentially world changing alternative than donating money, which has thus far proven to be in vain.

Also, instead of sending these prepared letters, please feel free to send a statement of your own.

So thanks kindly and blessings for your direct participation, faith and support.

Appoint and Commission Ted Hayes

Czar Homeless or Homelessness Resolution Czar (HRC), i.e., Special Mayoral Envoy (SME)